Browns Interested in Davone Bess

The Browns have recently expressed great interest in former Dolphins receiver Davone Bess.  Bess could actually give great depth in the Browns wide receiving core.   The Browns could possibly have Josh Gordon, who showed great promise in his rookie season.  He had 805 yards, 50 receptions and 5 touchdowns.  A receiver for the future Josh Gordon is for the Browns.  Benjamin also has the potential to be a great slot receiver in the NFL.  He is very fast and has great hands.  With Bess they could add more speed and more options for Brandon Weeden.  But with the draft coming up this Thursday, the Browns can make their wide receiving core complete assuming they get Bess.  There have been rumors of the Browns moving down to 11, 12 in the draft.  This is a great spot to draft one of the best receivers in the draft, Tavon Austin from West Virginia.  Austin had 1,289 yards, 114 receptions and 12 touchdowns.  This statline translates to the Browns having one of the best wide receiving cores in the NFL.  The Browns could have Gordon as the deep threat.  Bess could be their number 2 receiver.  And don’t forget Benjamin in the slot; a player that could become the best slot receiver in the NFL.  And then the Browns have Austin.  He could be another deep threat for Weeden come next season.  If this Bess deal happens, which it probably will, it will be like a domino effect for the Browns.  Once they get Bess, they can confidently move down to 11 or 12 and comfortably get Tavon Austin.  Austin could also give them great young talent. The Browns don’t have enough talent on their team.  With Austin they are getting an athletic receiver that is fast, has good hands and is a good route runner.  Weeden also now has a legit receiver with Gordon.  Furthermore getting Bess and Austin strengthens the Browns receiving core and gives them much needed talent.

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