Jun 4, 2013; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) throws to quarterback Jason Campbell (17) during minicamp at the Cleveland Browns Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Weeden: Character in Disaster

Following the horrific tornadoes that ripped threw the State of Oklahoma, and much of Midwest, and particularly Moore, OK I arranged a team to provide disaster relief assistance. This was our 4th team sent into disaster relief areas that included Joplin, Henreyville and following Sandy. We feel called to help, but this story is not about me or my team, but I needed to provide this information as the setup.

While planning for the trip and putting the team together I heard a interview, and later other articles written, about Brandon Weeden, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns returning to his home state, and his wife’s hometown to help the relief efforts. Weeden was willing to do this over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend immediately following the start of OTAs. During the interview that I listened to and the articles I read Weeden made it very clear that he was going down to help, just as any of us who would go down: He was going to help anyway he could. While many athletes, including Kevin Durant, visited and gave money, Weeden was going to give direct care to those in desperate need. As one who has been to disaster areas, and took our trip at the same time as Weeden, I know the extreme need for hands on help for those effected. Some of the larger organizations that collect money and are there to help are unable to go on to properties, lend a hand and get dirty with those who have needs. These organizations provide other services to benefit those in the area, but Weeden’s desire to get involved directly says much about his character. The fact that I could not find any pictures of Weeden doing this charitable work, either on USA Today Sports Images or Google Images, also shows that he did not provide this service for attention.

During our preparation I reached out to the Weedens and was impressed to receive information from Brandon’s wife Melanie through Twitter. We ended up connecting with a state senator who requested we serve in an area that had little help sent its way, and that he was sending resources from Moore out to the Little Axe/Shawnee area. Yet Melanie Weeden’s willingness to engage others to assist those in need was obvious.

@JaredKMueller we would love the help.The problem is that it’s almost impossible to get inside the neighborhoods unless you can prove u live there. We’re planning to be in Moore, helping in my brothers neighborhood by 11am-noon tomorrow.I’ll see if we can get you in

@JaredKMueller BTW, drive safely! Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow.

The Weedens’ character are obvious to me. While this was some of Melanie’s family, their plans to help those in that neighborhood and do whatever they can without seeking media attention during such is surprising in today’s day and age. The disaster that they encountered, if similar to that which we did, had to impact them greatly. Following my return from our 4 day trip I slept for a day and struggled focusing for days. Brandon Weeden returned to OTAs and his battle for starting QB job. I planned this article to be a analysis of Weeden’s psychological profile following his failures in Major League Baseball and his struggles as a 28 year old rookie. That article will still come, but his character in disaster had priority right now.

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