Feb 01, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum (33) prior to the game against the Sacramento Kings at the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers defeated the Kings 89-80. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Take Aways From Bynum Signing with Cavaliers

Andrew Bynum choose to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks.

The story has a few tentacles to it that need to be analyzed and addressed starting here with the takeaways from the choice.

What it says about Bynum

-  Money is important.

-  Surrounding talent, specifically Kyrie Irving, is important.

-  While he butted heads with Mike Brown in LA he respects Brown and wanted to play for him again.

-  Bynum bet about $18 million on himself.

-  He never was recruited, being drafted out of high school, and wanted to complete the 3 team visits before deciding.

-  Not working out for teams either means he is still injured greatly or he is arrogant based on his 2011 season.

-  Opportunity to make the playoffs was a factor.

What it says about Mike Brown

-  His firm coaching caused strife in LA, but was a draw for Bynum.

-  The 3 players he sought to bring to Cleveland this off-season came.

-  League players respect Brown.

-  He recruits.

-  He is confident in his second go round, and third HC position.

-  He believes he can control his young locker room.

What it says about Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant

-  Gilbert is still willing to spend money.

-  They, along with Nick Gilbert, were serious about making the playoffs this year.

-  They learned from depending on old veterans.

-  They are willing to take limited risks.

-  They have learned how to draw in free agents.

What it says about the Cavs

-  The team will compete.

-  The team has flexibility.

-  The team addressed there off-seasons needs:

-  Athletic players – Jarrett Jack, Anthony Bennett and Earl Clark

-  Shooting – Sergey Karasev, Jack and Bennett

-  Size and Girth – Andrew Bynum and Anthony Bennett

-  The team beat out Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks.

-  The team beat out Danny Ferry’s Atlanta Hawks.

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  • Cameron Fields

    Well what I have to ask about Gilbert is, why didn’t he spend this kind of money when Lebron was here? Why couldn’t he sign quality players? Why is it now that he is signing good players? Has he learned from the Lebron years that you can’t just build through draft and trades and needs to get players to play around Lebron in 2014?

    • manny_thome

      They did spend money, just on players that didn’t quite work out … Larry Hughes, Mo Williams, Shaq, Drew Gooden

      • Jared Mueller

        Agree with Manny. He spent, and was limited by always going over the cap to get the Shaqs etc of the world. The other issue is Bron never recruited players and when asked told them he might be leaving, even after his rookie contract.

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