Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) warms up prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Browns - Ravens: 2nd Quarter Notes and Evaluations

For each of the quarters we will post some significant notes and our evaluation.

1st Quarter Notes

Browns 3rd Possession (continued)

  • Drive fizzles as Devone Bess catches the ball 1 yard short or the first down, leaving to a punt.
    • Weeden locked on to Bess and didn’t look at other receivers.

Ravens 4th Possession

  • Tandon Doss, playing in place of injured Jacoby Jones, with a big punt return to near midfield.
    • A couple missed tackles led to Doss’s return after a long punt.
  • Ravens go 3 and out.
    • Again the Browns look great on defense. How Flacco held on to the ball during the sack is impressive.


Browns 4th Possession

  • Weeden stood in to deliver the ball down the field to Benjamin.
    • Starting back at their 7 the Browns need to switch field position if possible, big throw.
  • Browns with another first down.
    • Using Richardson on 1st and 2nd leaves to manageable 3rd down, to Bess again.
  • Browns punt after a sack of the right side again.
    • While they got the sack, Weeden has more time to move around this week compared to last week.

Ravens 5th Possession

  • On screen pass, Mingo cuts down Rice after 7 yards.
    • Mingo’s speed obvious as he was in the backfield when Flacco let go of the ball.
  • Another 3 and out leads to a punt.
    • Browns defense doing work to hold down Flacco and the Ravens. Mingo’s speed led to holing penalty and 10 more yards.

Browns 5th Possession

  • Browns allow clock to click down to 2 minute warning.
    • With a 3 and 4 and the ball at their 37 its a smart safe decision.
  • Browns forced to punt after a big sack by what looked like most of the Ravens Front 7, second bad punt in a row.
    • Weeden didn’t have a quick hot route run so no options, lucky to hold onto the ball.

Ravens 6th Possession

  • Good starting position at the 35 for the Ravens with a little over a minute left in the half.
    • Hardwork in the first half could be for naught if the Ravens can put points on the board.
  • Huge 20 yard underneath reception by Torrey Smith with no one near Smith.
    • Like in the first half, protecting the deep ball leaves the middle underneath open.
  • No call on the scrum at the end of the 3rd down play.
    • May have been lucky for the Browns as the flag was thrown because of a Browns move.
  • Tucker misses his second FG.
    • Browns dodge a huge bullet and should go into half with a lead, and get the ball after the half.

Browns 6th Possession

  • 1st down with 25 seconds left on a pass to Cameron and a big pass to Greg Little to put the Browns near FG range.
    • Browns don’t take a knee instead look to put more points on the board.
  • 51 Yard Field Goal Attempt is Good!
    • Aggressive play calling leads to a 6 – 0 Browns lead going into half, and they get the ball back after the half.

Scoreboard: Browns 6 Ravens 0

3rd Quarter Upcoming. Check here when 3rd Quarter ends.

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