Sep 15, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson (33) runs for a gain before being tackled by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Josh Bynes (56) at M

Browns - Ravens: 3rd Quarter Notes and Evaluations

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Browns 7th Possession

  • First outside run to Richardson goes for 7 yards.
    • All runs can’t be outside but Richardson in space is impressive especially his cutting ability.
  • Outside run by Richardson loses 3 and pressure on 3rd leads to a punt.
    • A few first downs open the 2nd half well but can’t keep it going. Outside runs can cause negative plays.

Ravens 7th Possession

  • Ravens give the ball to Ray Rice for a first down.
    • Going away from Rice was not positive for the Ravens, expect more this half.
  • After a big pass play to Smith the Ravens go to their backup RB Benard Pierce for 2 runs for 3 yards.
    • Giving Rice rest is important but limits his touches significantly.
  • Underneath throws lead to 2 first downs.
    • Horton hasn’t found a way to cover the underneath routes yet.
  • Pierce powers close to the goal line then powers it in for a TD.
    • Two and a half quarters of quality play out the window, with the lead, on 1 touchdown drive.

Browns 8th Possession

  • Browns pickup first down on Devone Bess underneath route
    • Balance of Richardson and Bess leads to another first. Solid pair who gets good tough yardage.
  • Weeden overthows FB Chris Ogbonnaya on a wide open wheel route.
    • Ogbonnaya would of been able to make it in for a touchdown if a little touch placed on the ball.
  • The overthrow and a penalty leads to a punt.
    • Weeden tried to force one in that hit Little in the hands, but was triple covered and a good punt ensued.

Ravens 8th Possession

  • Rice fumbles the ball and the Browns recover.
    • Craig Robertson punches the ball out, ball stayed on the field for a long time but Browns pounce and recover.

Browns 9th Possession

  • Browns look for a big play after the turnover but Weeden gets sacked for a loss of 8.
    • Weeden needs to find his check down receiver much quicker.
  • On 3rd and 18 Weeden’s arm is hit while throwing the pass, Ogbonnaya able to watch the flight of the ball for a 14 yard gain.
    • No first down but the Browns luck is better then usual as they didn’t turn the ball over.

Scoreboard: Ravens 7 Browns 6

Click here for 4th quarter at the end of the game.





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