ESPN Power Rankings: Browns Fall; Lions, Packers and 5 Up, Down

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Oct 13, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) communicates with teammates during the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Each week on Tuesday ESPN releases their Power Rankings on Tuesday around noon. While they have no impact on the season, many look forward to their release and the debate that follows. Each week we will review the Browns’ ranking, their previous week’s opponent, their upcoming opponent and the 5 above and 5 below them in the rankings. We will look at how the Browns can climb in the rankings and avoid falling.

Cleveland Browns

Ranking: 18th

Thoughts: After 3 weeks of wins, and rising in the poll, the Browns drop 2 spots after their loss to the Lions. The Browns looked good for 1 quarter of the game but it was not enough as Brandon Weeden imploded and the defense was non-existent for much of the second half. ESPN notes that the team has shown “flashes” of talent but did not show it on Sunday and have a tough time coming up in Green Bay. Based on general opinion of this team I’m surprised they didn’t drop farther.

Last Week’s Opponent: Detroit Lions

Ranking: 11th

Thoughts: The Lions only moved up 1 spot after defeating the Browns, which is no surprise. They are the lowest ranked 4-2 team in these rankings. Only the Packers, at 3-2, have less wins above the Lions. The top 10 will be hard to crack without some losses in that group. The rival Chicago Bears and Packers sit in the two spots above them. The Lions will get shots at them the rest of the year. ESPN notes Matt Stafford’s number throwing to Joseph Fauria in the end zone compared to the rest of the team, significantly higher.

This Week’s Opponent: Green Bay Packers

Ranking: 9th

Thoughts: After starting out the season a little slow the Pack now sit just above their 2 main division rivals, up 2 from last week. ESPN notes that the Pack may have some issues in the passing game due to injuries to both Randall Cobb and James Jones. The Browns should provide an interesting match-up, if they get pressure on Rogers there is a chance for the team, if they do not Rogers will pick them apart no matter who the receivers are.

Next Rankings 13-17


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