Browns Announce Stadium Upgrades


Hosted by Jim Donovan the Cleveland Browns introduced new stadium upgrades today at a press conference. Owner Jimmy Halsam, CEO Joe Banner and Vice President Alec Scheiner were all present for the presentation. The Browns introduced the 2 new video boards, for both ends of the stadium, that are 3 times larger then those currently present. The scoreboards will also be closer to the field increasing visibility. Audio improvements are also in the plans for 2014.

The team also announced the addition of more lower bowl seats with better site lines while reducing total stadium capacity by 3,000 tickets. The Browns will also add new escalators to assist in the flow of fans in and out of the stadium. For 2015 the modernization will continue with the concession areas, improved premium seats, more graphics throughout the stadium and a continued increase in technology and connectivity. You can see all this at their site:

  • The 3 men present for today’s event have at their core the ability to sell things. Haslam was a part of increasing the Pilot/Flying J empire. Banner help build a new stadium in Philadelphia. Scheiner was a huge executive get from the Dallas Cowboys as he had an integral role in the details of the mammoth stadium built in Dallas. Each of these men understand that winning on the field comes first and for most but giving people a place to come that they can be excited about helps win the battle against comfy couches, big screen TVs, surround sound and the RedZone channel that many people have in the comforts of their own home. As a business the Browns need to continue to strive to be the best at what they do and draw fans in through their product on the field and the enjoyment of their time at the stadium.

A few more pictures from the event can be found below:








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