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Rob Chudzinski Fired as Cleveland Browns Head Coach: What's the Plan?


Back in October of 2012, Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner remarked that they were going to get it right. That meant the new front office would do anything in its power to find the right fit in a coaching staff and hold it to the highest of NFL standards. “I think fairly quickly people are going to see progress,” Banner said. “… I don’t think it should take very long before fans watching the team are saying, ‘You know what? These guys know what they’re doing.'”

But do they?

After a dismal 4-12 season, a regression from the previous year actually, fans are starting to question whether or not these guys truly have a plan. With the latest news that Chudzinski is gone, what does that mean for the rest of the coaching staff? Many figured Ray Horton would be a head coach somewhere next year anyway (in Cleveland?), but Norv Turner was brought on because of Chud. Now it looks like the Chargers were better off without Turner given Philip Rivers’ newly revived existence and the latest win over the 11-5 Kansas City Chiefs. Would losing Turner even matter? Maybe not.

And maybe not even Chud. The team did have an abysmal second half point differential this season. Most of that falls on coaching and the ability to adjust at halftime, all the while pushing your players and holding them accountable for their mistakes. Can the next head coach improve on that?

Oh, how the rumors are swirling too. One of the names being thrown out there is Josh McDaniels. And seeing as how a lot of big rumors leaked about the organization tend to be true (see the dislike of Trent Richardson, Michael Lombardi as GM), that wouldn’t be surprising given the familiarity of the Belichick tree and this front office’s drive to be like the Patriots. Clearly McDaniels won’t be given as much power as he had in Denver with Banner in town, however.

It just seems to me that when you fire a head coach immediately after one season (and you’re admitting it was a bad hire), you should really have someone in mind and ready to go. Certainly you’re telling the fans that you expect nothing but excellence from the team, but it also makes it look like you’re unable to properly vet candidates, evaluate talent and identify the best path forward. So… what is the best path? I’m sure they’ll tell us again soon.

Please share your thoughts below on what this means to you and in which direction you’d like to see the Browns go in hiring a new coach.


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