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How Texans Hire of Bill O'Brien Could Help the Browns

Reports are out that the Houston Texans have hired Penn State’s Bill O’Brien. The Cleveland Browns had reportedly wanted to interview O’Brien last year, as well as this year, for their job opening. Yet the Texans hiring could impact the Browns still in the 2014 NFL Draft. With the Texans selecting #1 overall, and the Browns 3 picks later, the impact of O’Brien could be huge for the draft.

O’Brien is joining a team with a solid defense and above average skilled players on offense. This year’s downfall has been blamed squarely on poor quarterback play and injuries. This leads to the assumption, even before the O’Brien hire, that the team would draft a QB in the first round. With O’Brien, a “QB guru,” on board, this could guarantee that a QB is selected for a quick turnaround for the first year coach. Four quarterbacks have been touted over the past month as top 10 picks: Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, and Derek Carr. If QB is the pick for the Texans, it would take one of these off the board for the Browns, a high need for them as well.

Another scenario now plays out with O’Brien at the helm in Houston. What if O’Brien believes he can find a quarterback later in the draft or bring in a current NFL player to build his system around? O’Brien did so in his first year at Penn State with former walk on Matt McGloin, whom O’Brien groomed into a player that, one year later, started games in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders. Instead of going with a QB in this scenario, the Texans could look to add to their defense with Jadeveon Clowney or their offense with Jake Matthews to solidify the offensive line. Or they could add Sammy Watkins to give an explosive #2 across from Andre Johnson. This leaves another QB on the board when the Browns draft.

A few possible scenarios:

Texans Teddy Bridgewater Jadeveon Clowney Jake Matthews Sammy Watkins
Rams Sammy Watkins Jake Matthews Jadeveon Clowney Teddy Bridgewater
Jaguars Blake Bortles Teddy Bridgewater Johnny Manziel Johnny Manziel
Browns Johnny Manziel Blake Bortles Teddy Bridgewater Blake Bortles

What do you think the Texans will do? Which of these scenarios is most realistic? Which do you like best for the Browns?


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