Dec 22, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) runs the ball during the second half of the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts won 23-7. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Who the Browns Will Root For this Weekend

Dec 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) drops back to pass against the Chicago Bears during the fourth quarter at Soldier Field. The Green Bay Packers win 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

While the Cleveland Browns start looking for their future Head Coach, one year after doing the same thing, the NFL Playoffs start tomorrow. While the Browns again missed the playoffs, by only a few games (5 to be exact), the games this weekend have a big influence on the team’s draft position. In this case its actually the Indianapolis Colts’ pick that the Browns are focused on, only in Cleveland can we root for draft positioning in the playoffs huh?

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Indianapolis Colts

Who to Root For: Chiefs

Obviously the Colts draft position starts to take shape no earlier then when they are defeated. So the earlier they lose the better off the Browns will be for the pick. Root hard for the Chiefs during this game.

New Orleans Saints Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Who to Root For: Doesn’t matter

The 4 losers of this round will get picks 21 thru 24 based on their regular season records. The team with the worst regular season record, losing in the same round, gets the highest pick. The Eagles were 10-6 while the Colts were 11-5. The Saints were also 11-5 and would be based on tie breaker results. If the same as the top of the draft, and why wouldn’t it be, that tie breaker goes to the team with the highest Strenth of Schedule. According to CBS Sports the Saints have a SOS of .516 with the Colts’ SOS of .484. That means which ever team loses this game will draft ahead of the Browns’ Colts’ pick.

San Diego Chargers Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Who to Root For: Chargers

The Chargers finished the season at 9-7 and snuck into the playoffs while the Bengals tied with the Colts record of 11-5. The Bengals have a SOS of .480 compared to the barely higher Colts’ .484. If the Bengals lost the Colts would “win” the tie breaker and draft higher then the Bengals, another win for the Browns.

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Green Bay Packers

Who to Root For: Packers

The Packers also got in in the last game, in the last minute, finishing with the NFC North title at 8-7-1. The 9ers on the other hand had another solid year at 12-4. With a better record they would also draft after the Browns’ Colts’ pick. With Aaron Rogers returning this game should be closer then these disparate records would indicate.

If the 3 games that could impact the pick go right for the Browns they would be drafting 21st overall with the pick they acquired from the Colts. With a loss and the other 2 games going the opposite way that pick would be 24th overall. A Colts win this week means the highest the Browns could select is 25th. If this happens, hopefully it doesn’t, we will review next weeks games the same way.

Are you ready to root for the Packers, Chargers and Chiefs? Do you even watch once the playoffs start and the Browns are not in them? If needed are you okay with the Browns trading this pick and the #4 pick to move up for the QB they covet? Comment below.

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