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Luol Deng on LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers


Luol Deng was recently asked about LeBron James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He told Yahoo Sports:

“He’s a great player, why wouldn’t you look at him? If he wants to come back home, that’s great for him and great for this organization. He’s a great player. Why not?


“I’m all right with that. I’m here to do what I can do and be Luol Deng. I don’t really worry about it. I don’t have the mindset that I can control what everyone else thinks. I just do what I can do and try to be the best at what I do.”

What else is he supposed to say? Deng has also said many times – unsolicited apparently – that he likes what he sees in Cleveland. While we hope that may be true, Deng has done nothing so far but been a consummate professional. He says the right things. He does the right things. So we’re not reading too much into anything.

If the team can improve, and we start to see results, then perhaps they will ink Deng to a contract. He won’t demand as much as James, and the Cavs may be thinking long-term, max contracts for Kyrie Irving and another free agent. But to sit and wait for someone is foolish.

The summer is far off. When the Cavs get there, they’ll make a decision; just as James made his decision a few years ago. While they say you should forgive and forget, it’s often the forgetting part that’s the hardest. Something tells us Dan Gilbert won’t ever do that.


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