Dec 8, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels raises his hand while leaving the field after their 27-26 win over the Cleveland Browns at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Could Josh McDaniels Change His Mind?

The New England Patriots have been eliminated from the playoffs today by the Denver Broncos. We wrote earlier how that could impact the Browns pursuit of Adam Gase. Yet the loss does mean Josh McDaniels is available to take the head coaching position. Lets take a look back at McDaniels’ name’s connection to the Browns:

  • 2 weeks ago McDaniels was reportedly the top candidate for the position
  • McDaniels had reportedly contacted coaches to fill his staff for when he took the job.
  • During the bye he interviews with the Browns.
  • Both the team and McDaniels are impressed with each other.
  • McDaniels removes himself from consideration.
  • Today the Patriots lose.

A few important tidbits on all of that information: All of it is from sources or reports. There has never been any quotes, that we can find, regarding McDaniels being a candidate, interview or withdrawing from the process. That leads us to believe there is a small chance that things could still change without McDaniels going back on his word.

Last season Chip Kelly made the decision to return to Oregon, only to days later accept the job to coach the Eagles in the NFL. While many questioned his willingness to do this, especially after talking directly about his return to Oregon, he still made a decision he felt best for himself. McDaniels could still decide to do the same. McDaniels is close with GM Mike Lombardi and reportedly had a great interview where he was impressed by the Browns.

What would the Browns do in this case? What if they are turned down by Gase or are not impressed by him? What if Seattle Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn or Buffalo’s Mike Pettine don’t pan out? Would the Browns be willing to bring in a guy who reportedly turned them down? Does the front office have the ability to swallow their collective pride? Is McDaniels even a good choice if he is willing?

Many questions that may not have to be answered, but are worth asking as the Browns coaching search drags on. If the Browns come back to McDaniels what would you think of the process? Would you feel like he is going back on his word, even though he never said anything? Tell us your thoughts.

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