Jul 28, 2013; Pittsford, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine points as he talks to the Bills defense during training camp at St. John Fisher College. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Browns Head Coaching Decision to Be Made Today?

Rumors are swirling but it looks like the Cleveland Browns may make a decision this afternoon on their next head coach. From the best we can tell this started from someone at the Senior Bowl this morning when Mike Pettine was indirectly quoted as saying:


Buffalo Bills Mike Pettine said he’s holding off on speaking publicly on Cleveland Browns job but said he should know by the days end

This leads to the thought that the Browns would somehow interview Dirk Koetter and Dan Quinn today before making a final decision. It looks as if the Koetter interview has already taken place:


Dirk Koetter already had his meeting with the Cleveland Browns. Longshot candidate.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a chance but as expected it looks like it is down to Pettine and Quinn for the Browns coaching job. The Browns could be on their way now to give Quinn his second interview this afternoon and make the decision by this evening. Quinn could not officially accept the job, nor could they discuss contract details, but they could have an handshake agreement between the two parties.

Tonight could be a long night for all those who cover, follow and love the Cleveland Browns but all could wake up tomorrow morning with a direction for the team, starting with the new Head Coach.

Who do you want them to hire? Would you be upset with one over the other? How do you feel about the process now that it has almost come to a conclusion?

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  • Nc browns fan

    This could be a great hire. My only question is , what coordinators do we hire? All the big names are gone.

    • Letterman007

      There are plenty of people available such as Gary Kubiak, Kyle Shanahan, ex Lion coach Swartz, and rumor if Pettine could get Alex Van Pelt for offensive coordinator! They were all coordinators before they were head coaches, except for Shanahan!! I’m sure there are a few I left off.

      • Jared Mueller

        I dislike Schwartz. Wide 9 4-3 defense as well as his lack of discipline with the Titans and Lions. Kubiak could be interesting but I see a Van Pelt type on both sides as more likely.

        • Letterman007

          We will probably keep Pettine’s defensive philosophy and he will get a DC he can work with! His defense is a lot like Hortons, a 3-4 hybrid, if I read the reports right about him? It will be interesting to see if they draft a QB with #4, I quite frankly don’t see one worth that high a pick!! I would go Watkins at 4 and a QB at 26 or second round! We have reached too many times and failed!!!

    • Jared Mueller

      I think we tried big names and realized with 1st time head coach that could of caused a problem. Not positive. Reality is the right head coach is the most important. He can help develop OC and DCs. Got to have the right direction.

  • mud

    Pettine just feels right. He looks tough and has a take no sh*t attitude. That is what is needed with these over paid head cases, not passive wimps like Chud or Shurmur.

    • Nc browns fan

      I’m with you. We need a hard nosed guy to shock the world. Playoffs in 2yrs

      • mud

        I’ll drink to that!

      • Jared Mueller

        Honestly think we have a shot this up coming year. We will spend money (WR, Safety) and draft well (QB, OL, CB) high and we should give people fits. I think we were much closer then most did this last year. Most games had turning points. Not many were blow outs, non-contests.