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As the Cleveland Browns Turn: Dan Quinn Still An Option?

Even as the Browns meet with Mike Pettine for the 3rd time, and most likely offer him the job if contract details get ironed out, Mary Kay Cabot from Cleveland.com came out with these 2 tweets:


League source told me he believes #Seahawks DC Dan Quinn has still been in the mix for #Browns job today.


Another source told http://cleveland.com : Seahawks DC Quinn hasn’t been eliminated as a #Browns candidate yet. (could change in a minute)

So within 20 minutes of each other MKC is stating that Quinn could still be a possible target for the Browns, but that it could change any minute.

Does this mean the Browns still aren’t sold on Pettine? Are they worried that Pettine might turn them down? Is there some concerns over contract language? Lets answer these quickly.

  1. It is quite possible the Browns are not sold on Pettine. That they are meeting with him to check on a couple last things that they have concerns about after the first 2 interviews.
  2. It is quite possible that Pettine has some concerns about the Browns and asked for a meeting to discuss them instead of the normal process of just having the agent work out the contract details.
  3. The contract details are important. Mind you it may not be dollar amount that Pettine, or the Browns are concerned about, instead it could be some of the language. After the Browns fired Rob Chudzinski after his first year Pettine may be concerned about that happening to him. He may ask for very specific language related to off-set language, guarantees, etc related to money. Both sides may have some desire to have control written into the contract. Could the Browns want control over the coaching staff to be decided by the front office? Could Pettine balk at this, or want it written that he has control over the entire staff? Could it be that Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi’s reputation gives Pettine pause that he will have power to run his team his way?

It is very possible that this is either bad information for MKC or leaked just in case something goes wrong here. Either way its something to keep an eye on as it seems we have hit the final hours of this seemingly very long search.

What do you think of this news? Is it even news? What would you think if it was Quinn instead of Pettine? What if we are no closer to a hire then we were when the day started?

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