New 2014 NFL Mock Draft: We Have a Head Coach Edition

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Jan 3, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA;Missouri Tigers wide receiver L

With the Browns introducing their new head coach yesterday it is time to unveil our newest Mock Draft, using the FanSpeak simulator. You will see notes on different players that the Browns may have some interest, especially new interest with Pettine as the coach. Based on how the simulator worked out, let us know what you think about this draft.

1. Houston Texans
Blake Bortles

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Jake Matthews
OT, Texas A&M

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Teddy Bridgewater
QB, Louisville

4. Cleveland Browns
Johnny Manziel
QB, Texas A&M

  • With Manziel, Clowney and Watkins on the board this could be an interesting decision for the Browns and Coach Pettine. Does he try to fortify his defensive line with Clowney, a once and a lifetime defender. Does Clowney have the physical gifts to line up at a 3-4 defensive end? Does Manziel fit Pettine’s idea of a franchise guy? Is this too high for a defensive guy to want to draft a #2 WR? We went with Manziel, for now, with Clowney a very possible pick we will get to soon.
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  • Chris McLafferty

    I think you’re dead on with Manziel but I wonder about corner. Skrine made some strides this year and we still are invested in unknown McFadden, last year’s 3rd round pick. I think the Browns would explore moving up to grab a WR, ILB (I doubt because you can usually get solid guys later like Kiko) or OT (though I find unlikely but possible putting that much money into the line). So to me it’s either trade up for that WR or drop down to grab a running back in the 2nd round while collecting another pick. With my choice ultimately trading up to get Lee (our extra 3rd? Or 4th), then snagging Hyde in the 2nd (Maybe trading up again to get T-Lewman from Michigan moving Schwartz inside to G). Then using the rest of the Draft to grab a WR (we need lots of depth), T(hopefully Lewman), G, ILB and S.

  • Letterman007

    Sorry, but if this misfunctioning group in the front office pick a defensive player before the 4 th round they better just pack your bags and don’t look back!! They did all defense last year and it’s offense, offense,offense this year as it is in need of the most help!! They get one defensive pick, just as we got one offensive pick last year! The D was good enough to win 4 to 6 more games, with a better offense!! You got new D coaches, they live with what they’ve got, just like the O did last year!! We are not flipping the defense again. Get your help with free agents!!