Dec 21, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard D.J. Augustin (14) passes the ball around Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum (21) during the second half at the United Center. T

Perfect Ending: Andrew Bynum Signs with Indiana Pacers

Once again the State of Indiana has taken on a Cleveland sports franchise cast off. First the Indianapolis Colts gave up a 1st round pick to trade for Trent Richardson. Today the Indiana Pacers signed Andrew Bynum for the remainder of the season. While Bynum didn’t go directly from Cleveland to Indiana, he was traded for Luol Deng before being immediately cut by the Chicago Bulls, he still is a Cavalier cast off. This Cleveland to Indiana transaction went just as perfectly as the first one. The Cavs didn’t want Bynum, just like the Browns did want Richardson. The Cavs got a valuable piece in return, just like the Browns did for Richardson. Finally, just like Richardson, Bynum is not expected to have a huge impact in Indiana, but could. Here are 3 reasons why this is a perfect ending:

  1. While the Cavs are still struggling they received Luol Deng: Deng is a solid player and the Cavaliers hold his Bird Rights meaning they could resign him for more then others and could sign and trade him if he wants to leave. The Cavs got something for basically nothing (A heavily protected pick from the Kings that could end up 2 second rounders.)
  2. Bynum has 6 fouls and a big body to contribute against the Miami Heat: The Pacers gave the heat trouble last year due to Roy Hibbert’s size and length inside. Hibbert can get into foul trouble though, so adding the large powerful Bynum can do nothing but impact the Heat during a 7 game series. Bynum may never regain his offensive, or defensive form, but his hard fouls can be highly impactful. The Heat losing in the Eastern Conference Finals may be the catalyst, along with Dwayne Wade’s knees, for the break up of the hated Heat. Lebron James could always come back to the Cavs (unlikely) or could go out West, leaving one less contender in the East when the Cavs eventually do rise.
  3. Bynum is back in the NBA and Cavs fans have another storyline: With the team struggling so badly its nice to get to write about the Cavs without focusing on how bad the team is. Now with Bynum back the fans have something else to distract them, just ever so slightly, from the team’s results. When the Pacers come to Cleveland the fans will have a new player to give a lustful “Boo” to joining Carlos Boozer and James.

Any thoughts on Bynum’s signing? Do you think it will impact the Pacers in anyway? What do you think of Bynum’s time and impact on the Cavaliers?


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