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Ultimate Cleveland Browns Off-Season Challenge

As the Cleveland Cavaliers fire their GM and many fans want them to fire the coach Mike Brown, during his first season, the Cleveland Indians are preparing for Spring Training off their trip to the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns are preparing for the most important off-season in years, according to the owner Jimmy Haslam. The team sits with over $40 million in cap space, more if they cut some players, and 10 draft picks (7 in the first 4 rounds). This could be the Ultimate Cleveland Browns off-season which leads us to our challenge to you: Create the Ultimate Cleveland Browns Off-Season with the following stipulations.

Roster Moves

Who would you cut? Who would you try to trade and what would you expect to get for them?

Extending Current Players

You can sign players who are currently on the team to extensions. Is there anyone you want to extend?

5 Free Agent Signings

You can sign up to 5 free agents, including TJ Ward and Alex Mack, understanding of signing all 6 to fair market contracts with $40 million in cap space. If you chose to franchise tag either Ward or Mack factor that cost in. (Resource: 2014 NFL Free Agents)

First 7 Draft Picks

Tell us who you would pick with the Browns first 7 picks in the first 4 rounds of the draft. Again be reasonable about who would be available at each of the Browns selections. Sammy Watkins won’t be available at #26 in the draft. (Resource: Matt Miller’s 7 Round Mock Draft)

So in the end you will have either cut or traded a few players, extended players if you wish, signed 5 free agents and drafted 7 players to redevelop the Browns roster. Lets see who can build the best roster for the team? Defend your choices compared to other submissions. FoS writers will be posting their Ultimate Cleveland Browns Off-Season soon.

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