Factory Lines: Ubaldo, Grant But Not Brown?, Pass on a QB


Back with our Factory Lines: A Daily Assembling of Cleveland Sports Headlines.

Cleveland Indians

Ubaldo Jimenez Caught in “Abyss”

But now Jimenez is looking at a deal more in the three-year, $35 million-$40 million range.

A big reason for the shrinking of Jimenez’s market is the draft compensation that Jimenez has attached to him after the Indians extended him the $14.1 million qualifying offer, which he declined. The other big reason for the lack of interest in Jimenez is concerns about his focus and commitment in a non-contract year.

Jimenez’s new contract demands, if accurate, may place him back within the Indians’ price range. A 3 year, $30 million dollar deal could sow up the Indians #2 starter, but it is possible the Tribe have moved on from him due to the issues reported in the Fox Sports article. Jimenez’s big years have coincided with his contract years, highly concerning.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Pluto: Firing Grant But Not Brown Doesn’t Make Sense

I can’t ever recall a general manager being fired during a season — and the coach retained. But that seems to be the case, as Gilbert indicated that he’s keeping Mike Brown — at least for now.

Obviously the firing of Grant is a big story but the continued employment of Brown seems now like a bigger one. Grant and Brown had seemed to be tied together but owner Dan Gilbert sees it a little different. He could be hoping this lights a fire under Brown and the team or he could be waiting till the end of the year to bring in a new GM who can hire his own coach. Either way one with out the other, as Pluto points out, is odd.

Cleveland Browns

Should the Browns Pass on a QB at #4?

The Browns have selected a quarterback in the first round of the draft twice in recent years, both in seasons when Cleveland possessed two first-round picks as it does in 2014. The Browns certainly do not need to repeat the twice-failed strategy of drafting a quarterback in the latter part of the first round, as both Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden were colossal busts for the franchise after being selected in 2007 and 2012. Each player was chosen with the 22nd pick.

The Yahoo article, while not unlocking any great secrets, makes a great point about the Browns history. They are at a place that they must risk it and take a QB at #4 given that one they think is a high talent is still there. Even if he is ranked 15th on their board they still must not repeat the past. Thankfully this Front Office has made it clear that finding a Franchise guy is #1 priority.

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