Feb 8, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Gerald Green (14) dribbles the ball under pressure from Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes (40) during the third quarter at US Airways Center. The Suns won 122-109. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Reviewing "3 Trades Cleveland Cavaliers Should Make Before Deadline"

Yahoo put up a piece regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Yahoo report presents 3 trades that the team should make. Lets take a look at the 3 trades, really 2 but one had to be separated out due to league rules.

Trade #1

Warriors Receive: G Jarrett Jack, F Alonzo Gee, 2014 second-round pick (via Orlando Magic), 2014 second-round pick (via Memphis Grizzlies)

Cavaliers Receive:F Harrison Barnes

In this trade the Cavaliers give up 2 second round picks and the struggling Jack for the young Barnes. Gee has been a solid player in the past but just recently has re-entered the rotation. For the Warriors getting Jack back could be very helpful and Barnes currently sits behind Andre Iguodala. Adding 2 second rounders, especially 2 that are high in the round, could help rebuild the young core.

Trade #2

Pistons Receive:2014 first-round pick(viaPhoenix Suns), SF P.J. Tucker

Suns Receive:SF Luol Deng

Cavaliers Receive:C Emeka Okafor

In this trade the Cavs lose Deng and pickup Okafor’s contract. Okafor will be out for the year and the Cavs should get some salary relief. The Pistons receive a first rounder, could be any one of 4 that the Suns have and the Suns get their solid vet star to make it to the playoffs. Obviously this trade is dependent on the next trade as the Cavs are the real loser in this trade and the Pistons the big winner. Leading to…

Trade #3

Pistons Receive:2015 first-round pick (choice of Cavaliers, Miami Heat or Memphis Grizzlies), G/F Sergey Karasev, F Earl Clark

Cavaliers Receive:C Greg Monroe

This finalizes the trade. The Pistons trade Monroe for 2 first round picks, in this case the ’14 pick from the Suns and the ’15 pick from the Cavs as well as receiving PJ Tucker and Karasev as young pieces to add to their pile. For the Pistons this makes sense based on their bad fitting front court and Monroe hitting restricted free agency soon. They could most likely receive the Cavs ’14 pick in this deal instead of the ’15 pick, if they wanted. In the end the Suns send out a first rounder and a contract for Deng. The Cavs send out Deng and a first rounder for Monroe. The Pistons send out Monroe for 2 first rounders and Karasev and Tucker. Each team may struggle to make these deals but could benefit all.

For the Cavaliers, if they sign Monroe, they are left with a core of Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Barnes, Tristan Thompson and Monroe with Anthony Bennett and Tyler Zeller coming off the bench. Could that young core come together to compete long term in the East? Possibly. Could some of those pieces be used to trade for another star, especially in a sign and trade? Maybe. Would the Cavs end up with much better talent, and much less cap space, then before the trade? For sure. Would the Suns make this move? Probably. Would the Cavs make these moves? Most likely. Would the Warriors make this move? Probably not. Would the Pistons make this trade for Monroe? Not likely.

All and all these are interesting moves, but unlike to happen. The Cavs will struggle to move Jack. The Pistons will ask for a lot for Monroe and the Cavs aren’t likely to move Deng while on the winning streak. What do you think of these moves?

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