Factory Lines: "Yan-imal"; Cavs Dance; Haslam Attacked in Media


Back with our Factory Lines: A Daily Assembling of Cleveland Sports Headlines.

Cleveland Indians

Yan Gomes: From Unknown to Starter

“It’s an exciting time for Gomer,” said Francona. “From last year’s meeting to this year’s meeting is unbelievable. Do you go to the WBC or not? Are you a catcher or a third baseman? All of a sudden we view him as one of the better catchers in the league. So it’s really kind of cool.”

Gomes, or the Yanimal as described on Twitter, was a virtual unknown coming into camp last year. This year his development has made budding start Carlos Santana move positions, most likely to third base. Gomes solid consistent play fits the needs of the Indians. He along with newly resigned Michael Brantley gives the Indians players they can count on.

Cleveland Cavaliers

4 Game Winning Streak: Cavs Dance



For me the best part of the above dance was Dion Waiters high step. Not just cause it looked fun but often Waiters seems to struggle when on the bench. He was obviously excited for his team especially his teammate Kyrie Irving. He ran out to congratulate him following this high step dance.

Cleveland Browns

Mike Freeman: Haslam Pulling Browns Down again

The problem is Haslam has done nothing to endear trust. It’s been the opposite. They are the anti-Seahawks. If Haslam was the owner of the Seattle franchise when Pete Carroll struggled early on, Carroll would have been axed and the front office sent overboard. The Seahawks would have never made the Super Bowl if Haslam was in charge.

If Haslam were running the Giants, we would have never seen Tom Coughlin beating Bill Belichick twice in the Super Bowl. Browns ‘gonna Brown.

Freeman’s, and many other national media members have had interesting takes on this. Earlier in the article Freeman said that Banner and Lombardi were “terrible hires” yet attacks Haslam for firing them. Local media and local fans are excited for the move but national media will keep that negative narrative going forward.

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