Factory Lines: Indians Win; Irving MVP; Farmer's QB


Back with our Factory Lines: A Daily Assembling of Cleveland Sports Headlines.

Cleveland Indians

Indians Win Another Arbitration Case

The Cleveland Indians have improved to 2-0 in salary arbitration cases this year, defeating pitcher Josh Tomlin.

The 29-year-old right-hander will receive $800,000 this year rather than his request for $975,000. Arbitrators John Sands, Dennis Archer and Marlene Gold made the decision Saturday, a day after hearing arguments.

Sometimes wins are not wins and loses are not loses. In arbitration cases the team has to argue that a player isn’t worth whatever they are asking for. The player argues that they are worth that much. The Indians see a role for Tomlin and want him to have confidence in his abilities on the field, yet in these cases, to save $175,000, they argue in ways that could diminish his confidence.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Irving Grabs the MVP, then Lifts It


“They were telling me to hold it above my head,” Irving said of the spiffy, etched glass trophy handed to him by new NBA commissioner Adam Silver in the heady minutes after the final horn. “I honestly thought I did the interview first. Some of the All-Star Games I watched before, the MVPs usually did the interview and hold it up. But I guess I was wrong.”

Said James, a two-time All-Star MVP while still in Cleveland (2008, 2006): “I just wanted him to have his moment, and the moment is holding that trophy above your head. It’s the few moments in our year where you do that. [It's] winning a championship, it’s winning the MVP, the other [moment] is winning the MVP of the All-Star Game. … Seemed like he didn’t know exactly what to do, and I just wanted to try to give him a little tip.”

Irving winning the MVP and James helping him know when to hold the trophy up has a myriad of topics to cover, which we will this morning. Irving starred last night in many aspects, including great shooting and a double double. His defense was… well the same as every other player. Hopefully the offensive side continues as the Cavs get going on their road to a playoff spot. Hopefully the defensive side stays in New Orleans.

Cleveland Browns

Ray Farmer Knows Which QB he Likes

“I’ve studied the quarterbacks and I’ve studied other players, and I’ve already started to formulate the rank and order of each position,” Farmer said. “I do know what I’d do if I was held down at the moment. It doesn’t mean that can’t change, but I currently have somebody in front.”

“I’d say that No. 4 is not necessarily where I would take the guy that I like,” Farmer said. “Again, it may not be the name that everybody thinks is the latest, greatest, and the easy one to spot. There’s definitely an art to selecting people in the draft and it’s finding the right name that fits who you want to be.”

Farmer is playing this well. He has front runner and it may not be who everyone else thinks it is. Meaning he could take them at #4, they could be leveraging for Jadeveon Clowney, or to get someone to trade up for him. Its good that Farmer has an idea and a plan. He also states that he will continue to evaluate and work with his scouting department.

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