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3 Things the Cleveland Cavaliers Are Looking For At Trade Deadline

We already covered one new juicy rumor for the Cavaliers that came out last night, check that out here. Before the NBA Trade Deadline creeps up on us Thursday, its time to take a look at what the Cavs might be looking for. In many trades teams are looking for “assets”, youth, veteran experience or a final piece to put them over the edge. For the Cavaliers there are 3 things that they are looking for, none of which are particularly listed above:


The Cavaliers are in need of high quality shooting. Whether that is from the shooting guard, small forward or a stretch 4. Shooting will allow Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, the two star guards, to have room to drive and provide a partner to kick out assists to. The Cavs have spent a great deal of time on non-efficient shots, long two pointers. In the NBA stats have proven out that 3 point shooting and shots at the rim are the most efficient way to score points. Adding a knock down shooter adds the 3 point part, and opens up the shots at the rim.


The Cavs have some high skill players. Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson can find rebounds anywhere on the court. Irving can dribble the ball all over the court and Luol Deng is a strong defender and cutter off the ball. Outside of Waiters and Anthony Bennett they lack players who can impress athletically. Watching the Houston Rockets run up and down the court you saw separation between all the players on the Rockets and their Cavs counterparts. Players who can take over games through pure raw physical God given talent is one thing that separates the Cavs from other teams. This could lead the Cavs to not make a trade for Evan Turner, a talented but under the rim performer. Adding a athlete to their mix would be great for the young Cavs team.

Rim Protection

The Cavs lack a presence in the middle of the defense to stop drives to the basket. While Varejao and Thompson are quality defenders neither have the ability to block or deter drivers at the rim. Andrew Bynum provided some of this during his short stint, which helped their inside defense. A player who can stop drivers, or even make them think twice of coming inside would help the overall defense of the team. Knowing that they have a rim protector allows the rest of the team to play aggressive defense knowing they would have an eraser behind them.

We will look at players who fit each of these needs, as well as covering all rumors. Which of these 3 are the team’s biggest need? Are there players in each of these categories that you want the Cavs to try to get? Do you expect a big trade this week?

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