Factory Lines: Ubaldo Signs; Rumors Begin; Ranking The Browns


Back with our Factory Lines: A Daily Assembling of Cleveland Sports Headlines.

Cleveland Indians

Ubaldo Jimenez Signs 4 year $50 million Deal

Though reports indicate the Orioles have signed Ubaldo Jimenez for a similar deal to what the Twins gave Ricky Nolasco, I still can’t get on board with a four-year deal for Jimenez. There’s simply too much questionable — or worse — on his resume to believe he’s going to help anchor the Orioles rotation in a positive way for the next four years.

While the Indians haven’t seemed interested in giving Ubaldo the contract he wants but the Orioles were willing. The size of the contract is a concern, the years are even a bigger concern. For the Indians the money doesn’t make sense. Maybe only for the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers would this deal really make sense. Finding a deal for ace Justin Masterson is still a big concern.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Jarrett Jack for Jason Terry

 For the Cavs getting rid of Jack’s 3 year deal and saving around 700K a year is a benefit. Terry’s history of shooting and playoff experience could be a benefit. Pairing his spot up shooting with Dion Waiters in the second unit provides more floor spacing. Jack is more ball dominate which crowds the court. With Terry, Waiters could drive and have a quality kick partner. The Cavs would primarily look to get rid of Jack’s contract as well as add a more appropriate back court partner. The Cavs would look to have additional resources added to the deal as well or could flip Terry in a 3 way deal. Terry’s value around the league is much less then Jack’s but the contract and fit may make him worth it.

Rumors will fly throughout the week until Thursday. Meaning many will probably be disappointed when Thursday is a dud with very few deals and none big. Terry might be moved in another deal as well. We will look later this morning at the 3 things the Cavs will be looking for in any trade deadline deal.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Website Ranks Their 53 Man Roster

1. Joe Haden, CB: In his first Pro Bowl season, he demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is among the top cornerbacks in the game.

 2. Josh Gordon, WR: During a remarkable second season, he needed only 14 games (missing the first two because of a suspension) to establish himself as one of the NFL’s more dominant players at any position.

3. Joe Thomas, OT: A seventh consecutive Pro Bowl appearance put the exclamation point on the fact that he is, arguably, the best offensive tackle in the league.

No real arguments with the top 3 here. It is interesting that the Browns own official site is ranking their players. It has to be a unique relationship between the team and the site. Don’t want to disrespect their own players. Earlier we did a Royal Rumble type comparison of the top 30 Browns Players. Compare our list with their list.

What news did we miss? What did you find important in the last 24 hours or so of Cleveland sports? Talk to us in our comment section below

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