Looking at 2014 NFL Draft: 2 Favorites for Picks #1 - 3

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Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine speaks at the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is in process, as seen above with new head coach Mike Pettine talking to the media, that means draft process is in full swing. For the Cleveland Browns, owners of 3 picks in the top 35 and 10 picks overall, the draft is of great importance. Luckily many talent evaluators believe this is the deepest draft in years thinking first round talent will be available into the middle of the 2nd round and second round talent into the 4th. The Browns should be able to take take advantage and get big pieces to change the course of the franchise. That starts with the #4 overall pick. Unfortunately for the Browns their selection will be decided by the 3 teams that draft ahead of the, unless they trade up. Lets take a look at those 3 teams and favorites for their selection.

Houston Texans

Eliminated: Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and offensive tackles

While Manziel and Bridgewater will be thought about for the top pick the Texans may eliminate them both. Manziel’s style of play and personality is opposite of Bill O’Brien’s history. BOB has shown a tendency for bigger more pocket friendly passers both at Penn State and with New England. Bridgewater, while a solid QB, does not have the upside of either Manziel or Blake Bortles. BOB takes advantage of his ability to select his long term quarterback instead of taking the safest he is more interested in a high ceiling guy. Offensive tackles are deep in this draft and the Texans need an impact player instead of a tackle eliminating both Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson.

Favorites: Jadeveon Clowney and Blake Bortles

The Texans have a chance to pair the once and a generation defensive talent in Clowney with JJ Watt in Romeo Crennel’s defense. The Seattle Seahawks just showed the world what a dominate defense could do for a team. BOB could believe in his ability to coach up a lower tier QB, especially in a deep group, instead investing in the dominate defender. This is especially true as many evaluators aren’t sold on any of the QBs this year as franchise guys. If one has the chance to be that it may be Bortles. With his size, accuracy, athletic ability and BOB’s coaching Bortles could be a franchise guy if given time to develop. He may not start at all his first year or two but could be exactly what O’Brien wants to build his franchise around.

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