Why Lebron James Wearing Cleveland Browns Hat Is Encouraging


Last night Lebron James posted the above picture to Instagram with the following caption, wearing a Cleveland Browns hat:

Straight chillin! S/O @joehaden23 and my homies back in Cleveland! Photo cred @faraleff #StriveForGreatness#Klutch

As always Cleveland Twitter has taken the picture and run with it. “What does it mean? Is he returning to the Cavaliers? Is he just trolling Cleveland again?” And many more.

Obviously Cavs fans realize, whether they like him or not, James would be a huge acquisition this off-season if he opts out of his Miami Heat contract. The Cavs have Kyrie Irving, a sweet shooting point guard, Dion Waiters, an aggressive Dwayne Wade type, Tristan Thompson, a rebounding/dirty work player, Anthony Bennett, a stretch 4, and Tyler Zeller, a spread the floor center. Those players seem to be a perfect combination around James.

But this article isn’t about why James’ Instagram picture is encouraging for the Cavs but why it is encouraging for the Cleveland Browns. James has always been a front runner since his early days. When he was a kid growing up the Dallas Cowboys , New York Yankees and Chicago Bulls were dominating the three major sports. In such James has been a Cowboy, Yankee and Michael Jordan fan, even coming to a Indians playoff game against the Yankees in a New York hat, while playing for the Cavs.

To this writer’s recollection James has never been photographed in a hat of a bad team. Rarely has James been seen in any type of Cleveland attire, even when playing for the Cavs. Remember that he made it clear he is from Akron, not from Cleveland, and never adopted Cleveland as his city.

So why is the picture encouraging? Because James is intelligent when it comes to sports. He follows sports and knows history well. He doesn’t ever connect himself with bad/losing teams. The fact that he is willing to wear and be photographed in a Browns hate means he believes the team is capable of winning, and winning soon. This picture allows Lebron to say he was on the bandwagon before they started winning. His connection to Johnny Manziel would make the Browns drafting Johnny Football another connection between the city and the prodigal son.

This could also make a very interesting situation if he returns. His return would put the Cavs in the championship conversation while the Browns are turning the corner. Maybe this time he adopts the city and all their teams, as long as they are good. Could 2 of Cleveland’s 3 major sports teams be led by Johnny Football and King James in this calendar year

Are you encouraged by James wearing the Browns hat? Does his front runner status make you think differently about the Browns? Do you think there is more meaning to this picture? Does this and any other articles with Lebron and Cleveland bother you?

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