Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Is Derek Carr the Next Browns Franchise QB or the next Brandon Weeden?

While Mock Drafts are being updated, as we shared CBS Sports earlier today and will share Chris Burke’s later, comes information from one of partner sites that Derek Carr may be the future QB for the Cleveland Browns following the 2014 NFL Draft. Dawg Pound Daily shared that Jeremiah made statements on the Dan Patrick Show that the Johnny Manziel talk was a smoke screen for the selection of Carr. (This writer did not hear the interview but has reached out to Jeremiah on Twitter to confirm the information):

“It had been so out there that the Browns love Manziel under the previous regime and I’ve talked to enough people that firmly believe that was a total smoke screen.”

“This is what I was told, Dan, was that their guy is Derek Carr and they’re gonna take a different player with the fourth pick and they want to take Derek Carr with their second one.  So look, you believe what you want to believe, but I’ve heard that from several different places.”

Carr has yo-yo’d all over Mock Drafts since the end of the season. Many see a cannon for an arm who may have learned a great deal from his brother’s experience in the NFL. Others see Carr struggle against USC and a bit in the Senior Bowl noting a difficulty with players at his feet and a “muddled” pocket. Both the good, big arm, and the bad, struggles when pressured, remind Cleveland Browns fans of a QB they drafted not that long ago, that may be cut this off-season, in Brandon Weeden. The obvious difference is that Weeden was much older but many traits are comparable between the two. This doesn’t mean the results will for sure be the same though. It is possible that Carr could excel, especially if he gets to grow behind Brian Hoyer for a year or two, where Weeden failed to. Perhaps with his age you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Hopefully he doesn’t have an under hand throw in his “arsenal.” Selecting Carr, either with their second first round pick, or in the second round, would allow the Browns to select an elite player with the #4 pick. Whether that is the weapon known as Sammy Watkins, the all generation defender Jadeveon Clowney or an offensive tackle the Browns could have options at the top of the draft if Carr is the target later.

Is Carr the next Weeden? Does the Weeden experience scare you from the Carr one? How does his brother’s history in the NFL impact your thoughts on Carr? Share with us below.

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  • 5150dogfan

    Lol, Jared are you serious…..”Carr strugled at the Senior Bowl”?? What???? I have not seen 1 write up or comment from credible sources that said anything but Carr amazed at the senior bowl……..And as far as anyone who would look at the USC game and use that for some sort of analysis on the QB, well they are certainly not scout material…..The Fresno State OC only ran the ball around 6 times in the entire game not once in the first qtr. allowing a very good USC D to pin thier ears back and go after Carr…….I dont care who the QB is if you let a very good D t off on a QB, the QB is not going to have a good day…..If you think Im wrong why dont you take a look at the Seattle Denver film from the Super Bowl, one of the greatest QB’s ever got flat shut down because a very good D was able to key on the QB, got to be able to rush the football…..

    • http://FactoryOfSadness.co Jared Mueller

      Dog Fan,

      I will look to find the write ups I saw about him. His arm was great, no doubt about it, it was his feel for the game under pressure. It is possible that his offensive line and the game plan played a role. I don’t describe myself as a scout, just a gatherer of information. The USC game was widely panned by pretty much everyone, game plan or not. Thanks for the read.

  • Josh Hart

    One thing I do like is Carr can at least sit a year, hopefully, if Hoyer plays well. That would give him enough time to get adjusted.