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How Far Up Can the Browns Trade From #26 Without Giving Up A 1st or 2nd in the 2014 NFL Draft

With the 2014 NFL Draft Combine complete teams turn to College Pro Days and private workouts. From the Combine quarterbacks are falling somewhat while 4 players stepped to the for front in Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson, Khalil Mack and Sammy Watkins. For the Cleveland Browns could that mean the Browns pass on a QB and snatch up one of the elite prospects? Could one of the QB fall down the board and the Browns look to trade up and snag a falling future Franchise QB? We covered yesterday a interesting suggested trade up to #14 for the Browns to select Mike Evans, today we look at the, possibly outdated, NFL Draft Pick Value Chart. Can the Browns make a move up without giving up their second rounder or a future 1st or 2nd? Lets take a look at the value of all the Browns picks.

Pick Value
#4 1800
#26 700
#35 550
#71 235
#83 175
#102 92
#123 49
#133 39.5
#164 25.8
#195 13.4
Total 3679.7
Total Minus #4 and #35 1329.7

So total the highest the Browns could officially trade up with the remainder of their draft is the 10th spot, the Detroit Lions pick. Realistically The Browns would be trading #26, #71 and #83 plus a number of other picks including some from next year. Just moving those three picks would give the Browns enough value to get up to the Baltimore Ravens selection. Adding a future 3rd or more picks from this draft could help the Browns get up to the St. Louis Rams pick at #13 or possibly all the way up to #11 with the Titans. That would require the Browns to give up a bevy of picks.

In this years very deep draft multiple picks should have more value then in the past. In the past the high pick was valued far greater then quantity of picks. With the depth at multiple positions, and overall, as well as the number of underclassmen in the group, it is possible teams would be willing to move down, even double digit spots, without getting a second rounder, or a future first. For the Browns the question is whether it is worth for them? They have a great amount of needs on their team and could benefit just as greatly from the depth of the class. The answer, as it always does in the NFL, will come down to the QB. If the Browns draft Clowney, Robinson or Watkins #4 and can trade up for one of the big 3 QBs they may sell the farm. If they take a QB #4 and find a weapon that would give that QB more success falling down the board, they may sell a slightly smaller farm.

Given the trade value chart and the depth of this draft how far up are you willing to go and how much are you willing to spend to get there? Do you think the Browns try to employ this strategy or do you think between the Texans, Jaguars, Raiders, Bucs and Vikings all the QBs are gone before the Browns can even get up there?

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