2014 NFL Draft: Ray Farmer Starting Out Just Right


As we slowly, ever so slowly, approach the May 2014 NFL Draft we will continue to cover the relevant Mock Drafts, including giving our own takes. What is now clear, since the changes in the Front Office, is that no one knows what the Cleveland Browns will do in the first round. Prior the regime change there was a clear picture that the Browns were going to select a QB at #4, most likely Johnny Manziel, and build the roster from there. Every Mock Draft that had Manziel available, some have him going #1 or 3, had him selected to the Browns. Many still do but since the front office changes much has changed that gives us, and in turn many NFL teams, pause is knowing what the Browns will do.

  • Ray Farmer has said it might surprise us who he would take if he took a QB today.
  • Mike Pettine and Farmer talked about getting the best players and putting them in position to succeed.
  • Farmer talked up Sammy Watkins as a unique talent.
  • Rumors came out that the Browns real target was Derek Carr not Manziel.
  • Clowney has been linked to the Browns based on Pettine’s use of Mario Williams and defensive pedigree.
  • Some have suggested the Browns are looking to trade down for a prospect like Mike Evans and more picks.

All and all this is the one thing we know: Since Farmer has taken over the Browns are not predictable. Many expected D’Qwell Jackson to still be around but he was cut. We assumed Manziel was “their guy” but information continues to leak that he may not be. We have assumed that the Browns will draft a QB at #4, especially due to the words on the Browns’ old draft board about getting a Franchise QB, but now they may look to the second tier guys.

Farmer may still make mistakes. Needless to say not everyone will be happy with the Browns draft this year, especially with pick #4. He may over value certain characteristics or positions and under value others. He may put his focus on defense, again, due to Pettine’s background. He may let either TJ Ward or Alex Mack go in free agency and not sign anyone similar to replace them. He may do a lot of things wrong but we know he understands how to keep us, and the rest of the NFL, guessing. A talent that seemed missing with Joe Banner.

What do you think of the misinformation available from the Browns right now? Does it frustrate you or excite you? What do you think of Farmer and Pettine so far? Are they linked together in your mind or do you see them as separate entities to judge?

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