Lebron James to Attend Big Z's Jersey Retirement in Cleveland

Lebron James will be back in Cleveland on March 8th. Not to play against the Cavaliers, not as a sign that he will return to the Cavs this summer and not to root on one of the teams he cheers for as a front runner (Yankees, Cowboys, etc). Instead he will be there to support his long time friend and teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas who will have his jersey retired.

This writer found it first reported by Stepien Rules and today was confirmed by WFNY’s Scott in the following tweet:

There is either a ton of meaning behind this or none, depending on who you ask or what you are rooting for.

Tons of Meaning

  • Lebron returns because he loves Cleveland.
  • Lebron returns because he misses these personal relationships, not the superstar ones he has in Cleveland.
  • Lebron returns because he loves Big Z, who now works for the Cavs Front Office.
  • Lebron returns to soften fans stance on him, connecting himself to the ever loved Big Z.
  • Lebron returns before The Return.

No Meaning

  • Lebron is Z’s friend and could make the trip.
  • Lebron hates someone else getting the limelight and tries to upstage Big Z.
  • Lebron likes to tease his home state.
  • Lebron wants to sooth sore wounds so he can have his jersey retired in a few places.
  • Lebron wanted to get out of a practice. “Practice, I’m supposed to be the Franchise player and we in here talkin’ bout practice” (Hey AI did just get his jersey retired.

So ESPN and other media networks will blow it out of proportion. FoS will cover anything that we find to be relevant. Yet it is clear what the comments will be from this story, and it will depend on what side of the fence you are on. If you want him to return and think there is a chance you will feel one way. If you don’t want him to return and think there is no chance you will see the other side. Sadly we can’t get in James’ mind right now to know for sure, which makes the conversation fun.

Tell us what side you fall on. What are your thoughts on his mini return on the 8th?


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