Mar 4, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown runs on the court in the third quarter against the San Antonio Spurs at Quicken Loans Arena. Brown was whistled for a technical foul. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Box Score Tells the Whole Story in Cleveland Cavaliers' Loss

There are times in sporting events that the Box Score does not do justice to the type of game that was played, more often then not this is the case. Just by reading the Box Score you can get an idea of numbers but not pace of play, big plays or the ups and downs in the game. For the Cleveland Cavaliers last night against the San Antonio Spurs this was not the case. While there was much nuance in the game, the Box Score really helps tell the story, even if the final score doesn’t present the best image of the game for the Cavs. Let us look at some information we get from the Box Score:

  • The Spurs had 8 players with over 20 minutes of game action

This shows that the Spurs were up at different parts of the game and trusted their backups to get the job done. In close games the Spurs would be more likely to give their starters more burn.

  • The Spurs bench scored 60 points, had 23 rebounds, 22 assists and 6 steals.

The bench could carry the team on a night when Tony Parker and Tim Duncan only scored 14 points combined.

  • The Spurs had 39 assists total.

The Spurs moved the ball, causing rotations by Cavaliers players and tired out their opponents.

  • The Spurs shot 14 – 33 from the 3 point line.

14 is a good number of 3 pointers made, that they believed so highly in themselves to shoot 33 shows the importance to the team on the 3 point shot.

  • The Spurs were 22 of 24 from the free throw line.

They converted when it mattered on the ones they were suppose to make. As opposed to the Cavs who were 15 of 20.

  • Kyrie Irving, Spencer Hawes and Dion Waiters all scored over 20 points, and did so efficiently with only Irving’s 8 of 17 falling under 50%.

3 players over 20 points is normally a great sign for success for the Cavs or any team, so how did they lose? (Besides the Spurs stats above).

  • The Cavaliers had 24 fouls and 16 turnovers.

The Cavs played undisciplined at times during the game which showed up in these stats.

  • Besides Free Throw Percentage the Cavs had good to great percentages from the floor and were better then the Spurs.

With turnovers and poorly run plays the Cavs couldn’t overcome the volume of shots from both the 3 point and free throw lines.

What did you see in the game that you didn’t see in the Box Score, or vice versa? Did you think the Cavs were in the game or know they didn’t have a chance the entire game?

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  • Gary

    No defense. You would think with a defense minded coach in Brown, they would play some kind of defense.
    But, they pretty much stand around and watch the other team do as they will.
    Been this way all season. When you have a offense that scratches to get even close to 100 points and a defense that gives up well over 100 points, it all adds up to losses.

  • Letterman007

    Mike Brown is cutting his own throat, as the defensive genius goes down the tubes! There is no way theses players are listening to him and their play reflects it. He lost this team a long time ago , regardless what Kyrie and the rest say! There is no sign of improvement and the fans are in hopes that Gilbert is smart enough to see Brown must go!! We pray he is only riding out the season now until the inevitable axe falls on this disgrace of a season and coach!!