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Colts Love the Browns: Sign D'Qwell Jackson (to Big Contract) to join Chud and TRich

The Indianapolis Colts have announced they have signed D’Qwell Jackson to a very large contract to join former Browns coach Rob Chudzinski and former starting running back Trent Richardson. Jackson’s contract is 4 years totally 22 million dollars, with $11 million guaranteed. The Browns cut Jackson before giving him a $4.1 million roster bonus in March. The Browns were interested in the possibility of a Jackson return but could not come to a contract restructuring agreement.

For the Colts, gathering former Browns is interesting. It is as if they think they are gathering gold from a team that has been successful for years, instead of the perennial losing team the Browns truly have been. Jackson’s performance has faded in recent years including a dire lack of coverage skills. Jackson has been known around the league as a solid linebacker but rarely made impact plays, instead he makes most solid plays limiting runs to 3 or 4 yards. In his 7 year career he has 11.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 7 fumble recoveries, 8 INTs, and 22 “stuffs” according to ESPN. No dynamic stats stick out from this bunch.

Yet Jackson was always a solid player, a good leader while having to deal with constant change in the Browns organization. The Colts have been the model of consistency and should give Jackson hope for a solid landing spot for the next couple of years. The $11 million guaranteed helps. For the Browns that number is concerning. Will the new salary cap make average players get paid much higher then they should? Will the Browns be willing to reach for needs in free agency?

What do you think of Jackson’s signing with the Colts? His contract? Do you think the Colts are making poor choices to bring in so many ex-Browns? Are you worried about how much other players will get paid this off-season?

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