Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Oregon Ducks wide receiver Brandin Cooks (13) catches the ball during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Straggler Comes In: Last Weekly CBS Sports 2014 NFL Mock Draft


Earlier in the week we look at the Four 2014 NFL Mock Drafts from the CBS Sports guys. In those Mock’s the Browns drafted all 3 of the Big 3 QBs including one trade up to get the QB of their choosing. The straggler is Will Brinson who presented his Mock Draft late Friday night. Does he join most of the world and give the Browns a QB or does he go off script? Who does he add to the team with #26? Lets take a look:

(4-12) Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M: Me doth think the Browns protest a bit much about their lack of interest in Mr. Football.

That Manziel is the pick is not a surprise, what is a surprise though is the way Brinson gets to the #4 pick. Blake Bortles goes #1 to the Texans, then the two players many Browns fans hope they draft instead of a quarterback, Sammy Watkins and Jadeveon Clowney, are off the board numbers 2 and 3. Come draft night this would be a very intriguing scenario for the Browns, and their faithfuls rooting interest. There would not be much value worth someone trading up with the Browns. Khalil Mack may not fit the system or a need. There are 2 high class offensive tackles in Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews, but the Browns may address the line in free agency. That leads to either drafting a QB or reaching for a player at another position that isn’t valued as high, say Mike Evans or Justin Gilbert. Tough decision but Brinson goes with Manziel.

(4-12) Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State: The $100,000 winner is a high-character kid who can make an impact from the get go with whoever drafts him. Paired with Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and John Football and all of a sudden the Browns offense is kind of interesting.

Another pick that is starting to make a lot of sense for the Browns, if he make it, is Cooks. Across from the big, strong and fast Gordon is the smaller, quicker Cooks. He can play inside and out and provide a dynamic threat keeping defenses honest. The question for Cooks is his overall ability as a WR, is he just a speed guy?, and ability to get off press coverage. Kyle Shanahan should be able to find creative ways to use him though. Ryan Shazier among others were still available here but after his blazing time in the 40 at his Pro Day, odds are he won’t be around when May comes. What do you think the Browns should do if Clowney and Sammy are off the board before they pick at 4? Not a lot of value for a team to trade up leaving the Browns with a pick to make. Would it be Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or a tackle? How does Mack fit into the situation?

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  • Jarod Cook

    In the situation that Bortels, Watkins, and Clowney are all of the board by #4, the ideal thing to do IMO would to be find a way to trade down. I can only hope they stay away from Manziel, he’s the worst of the top 3 QB’s IMO, got bust written all over him. I like Bortels he reminds me of Rothelsburger, needs a 1-2 years to polish his skills which he could do behind Hoyer. He’s of the board though so if they go QB take Bridgewater, he’s the most NFL ready prospect of the available QB’s. Personal I’d like them to take Mack in this situation, because he’s 1 of the elite talents of the draft. He showed in collage that he can rush the passer, as well as play in coverage. The Browns could shift Kruger, Mingo, or Mack to play ILB, and have a core group of young LB. I’m not opposed to the idea of taking OT at #4. If they resign Mack, and bring in a good starting LOG. They then could move Schwartz to play ROG and draft an elite RT, this would give the Browns a good core group of OL players for the next 4-5 years. Fixing the OL would also benefit the passing and running game as well. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking Cooks at #26, but he riles to much on his speed and struggles against physical play. I personal like Matthews wouldn’t be to much of a stretch to take him at #26. He’s a reliable route runner with good eye hand coordination, he’s 6’3″ and ran a 4.46. Can work opposite of Gordon or in the slot, as well as in the return game. He’s also related to Jerry Rice you got to think he learned 1 or 2 things from him.

    • Jared Mueller


      Great name, spelled wrong lol. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think in that situations there will be trade down options. If it falls that way take the best player, probably Greg Robinson if not a QB, and move on. Amazed that a couple guys I trust disagree totally on Manziel and Bortles. Both don’t like the other and love their guy. Not a scout/film guy here so just go on what I see. I like Bortles, Bridgewater then JM. As long as no one expects a big 1st year or 2 from a WR I am fine at 26 but they take time to develop, won’t help much this year. If we sign a Decker/JJones in free agency then Cooks fits. If we sign Edelman type then a bigger outside guy fits. Thanks for the read.