The Power of "The Board" in the NFL Draft: 3 Created Mock Drafts

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Feb 25, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Deion Sanders interviews Michigan State defensive back Darqueze Dennard (16) and Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Ha

We have used FanSpeaks’ Mock Draft Simulator a number of times to create our Mock Drafts, both single round and our 7 Round Cleveland Browns NFL Draft. They recently added a new feature that allows you to create the Mock Draft using 3 different services “Big Boards,” ranking of players. This creates a very interesting way of drafting that is similar to the NFL Draft. One team might have Mike Evans rated higher then Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack over Jadeveon Clowney and Jake Matthews over Greg Robinson. How a team’s board is setup decides who they draft where they draft them. In order to help show this even further we completed a 1 Round 2014 NFL Mock Draft as the Browns using each of the 3 boards the service currently has. We drafted the highest rated player at a position of relative need for the Browns to show you how great an impact a board can have. Lets start with FanSpeak’s Board:


Based on their board following the drafting of Blake Bortles, Matthews and Clowney Watkins was the highest rated player over any of the quarterbacks and over Mack and Robinson. For the Browns Watkins still makes sense given limited players available in free agency that could take over the role of a #2 on the outside. Signing Andrew Hawkins, permitted the Bengals don’t match, gives us a inside guy, Julian Edelman can play in a variety of areas and would be a solid signing but Watkins is different then both.
Fanspeak must not think highly of Dennard who is the highest rated player left on the board at #26 for the Browns and they quickly snatch him up. This draft has many wide receivers and tight ends off the board by the time the Browns pick comes around but adding the physical and aggressive Dennard can solidify the other side of the field across from Joe Haden, something they have been unable to do so far this off-season.
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