Should the Browns Make a Deal for Desean Jackson?

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January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Sanders running back Jamaal Charles (25) of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with receiver DeSean Jackson (10) of the Philadelphia Eagles in the first quarter during the 2014 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns added one wide receiver yesterday but could they add another over the next few days? Desean Jackson is reportedly available for trade from the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson has a large contract, selfish attitude and undeniable talent. The Browns have Josh Gordon and now Andrew Hawkins at the wide out spot and not much else. Could a match be made bringing the Browns and Jackson together? Lets look at the Pros and Cons, starting first with the negatives:


  • Jackson’s contract is huge. He currently is set to count 12.5 million against the Eagles cap with $30.5 million left on his contract.
  • Jackson is not a big player and is prone to injury.
  • He is prone to giving up on routes where he is not the primary receiver.
  • His diva attitude could have a negative impact on Gordon.
  • That is a lot of money for a #2 receiver.
  • The Browns have quite a few players due new contracts next year.
  • There are a number of quality receivers available in the draft, including Sammy Watkins up top.
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  • Craig Barker

    I think you have got to pick up the phone and ask. If we added watkins, there is a chance that he would not be as good as jackson and for a 3rd rd pick it would put the browns in a great position. It would make me feel better about drafting a QB with one of our top picks, however i would still draft best available non-WR with both first round picks. Could you imagine a draft of D. Jax + Gilbert + Shazier + Best OL available? With good QB play we would be top team in our division.

    • Jarod Cook

      This guy is a overrated diva that ends up missing a couple games a year cause of injury. He gives up on plays and doesn’t even try to block for his teammates, he a shallow weak hearted individual that Philly is trying to get read of him and his bad contract. If the Browns were going to waste a 3rd rd pick on somebody they should’ve traded for Revis.

  • Charlie Peterson

    It’s a very good article and you make a few good points. However, if they pay top notch for Jackson who is the 5th highest paid WR, without resigning Mack long term they will upset the apple chart. Our OC is like his father and wouldn’t want to deal with Jackson’s quest to be the top paid WR which is his goal. Also if Gordon keeps producing over the next two years, how much to we pay him? I believe the Browns need a bigger strong arm QB with a quick release and an understanding of the Pro game in order to catch up in the AFC North. I may be in favor of Bortles at #4, only because of his skill set and size. Even then I’ll sit him unless he clearly beats out Hoyer. If Bortles is not there, let them pick the best OT available and play him at RT to help the OL. Pick up a WR at 26, who has size, speed, and good hands, or the best CB who has size, speed, and good hands. In the second round I’ll go with CARR who should still be there for the taking. The next pick, OL again and a guard who project as being suited for the zone blocking scheme. The Brown need at least three immediate starters out of this draft so in 2015, they can complete for a playoff spot after another quality draft.