Mar 26, 2014; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons forward Kyle Singler (25) guards Cleveland Cavaliers guards Dion Waiters (3) during the forth quarter at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Cleveland won 97-96. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Cavs/Pistons GIFs: Buzzer Beater & 2 FT Air Balls


The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Detroit Pistons in amazing comeback fashion last night. The team that has had its great ups and downs had another up last night as they pull with in 3.5 games, and just 2 wins back, of the Atlanta Hawks for the 8th seed in the East. What made the game extra fun was the comeback nature in the 4th quarter and the buzzer beater by Dion Waiters. Before that we got the chance to see another rarity: A Free Throw Air Balled:


Andre Drummond‘s free throw was wide left. He isn’t known for his shooting so some could excuse missing but a miss that badly was GIF worthy.

Interestingly enough a little later in the game Josh Smith, who is know for being able to shoot also air balled a free throw, his was short getting nothing but net. Yet his free throw hasn’t been immortalized anywhere that could be found so instead here is a very similar free throw of Josh Smith’s:

Sweet looking stroke, just a bit short… of the rim. And yet the Cavaliers had to find a way to pull out the game against a team who air balled 2 free throws. In comes Dion Waiters, who had a bad game by his standards shooting 8-20 from the field for the game. And yet veteran Luol Deng told him he was coming his way, had confidence in him and gave him the ball. The rest is Cleveland history:



Memorable night for the Cavaliers. Love Deng’s reaction about halfway through the shot when he knew it was going in. Then as Dion ran down the court and everyone mobbed him he was first met by Jarrett Jack then Kyrie Irving off the bench. This is all I could think of from Cleveland lore:

Are you starting to think the Cavs have a chance?

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