Jan 23, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson (10) at practice for the 2014 Pro Bowl at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Release DeSean Jackson: Should Browns Pursue?


The Eagles have released DeSean Jackson:

We covered whether the Cleveland Browns should try to trade for Jackson last week but now the question changes just a bit. The Eagles found interest according to Schefter but still decided to release him instead of dealing him for anything. This writer is not a cap expert but there are some cap implications which could make this the best choice for the team.

Yet could the Eagles have concerns that Jackson was a time bomb waiting to explode? Where they worried that his reported connections with a gang are problematic? Or did they just want to do right by Jackson and allow him to find his best fit for himself?

For the Browns they will have to make a decision on Jackson in multiple ways. Does he fit their offense? How much money will he want? Maybe most important, how could he impact the locker room negatively?

That last question will be the biggest one for the team. Does Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine believe they can control the locker room and not allow Jackson to be a negative influence. The offense has few veterans, specifically Joe Thomas and the hopefully re-signed Alex Mack, besides that is full of younger guys with little clout over a big time player like Jackson. The defense has some guys in Karlos Dansby, Paul Kruger, Donte Whitner and Joe Haden that could attempt to influence the locker room correctly, but they will sit in very few meetings with the offense and Jackson.

That puts the emphasis on Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan’s offense has played well with small and fast receivers in the past, as well as in Houston with Big Andre Johnson. Adding Jackson to Josh Gordon, the guy the Browns have to protect from poor choices the most, would give Shanahan both of those types of receivers. Jackson would fit in any offense but Shanahan’s creativity and current roster would be given options with Gordon, Jackson, Andrew Hawkins and Jordan Cameron catching passes while Ben Tate takes many of the carries.

Financially the Browns are able to structure almost any type of contract that Jackson would want. They won’t just cowtail to his demands but could find themselves with the creativity to give Jackson a big bonus this year and performance related bonuses in future seasons dependent on his performance and behavior.

Signing Jackson would allow the team to push down the receiver need in the draft. With two combustible receivers like Gordon and Jackson it would still behoove the team to add some mid round receivers, or Sammy Watkins still at #4, but they could follow their board instead of reaching if a receiver is ranked lower. On offense the team could look to add another tight end or to solidify their line and on defense they could focus on a #2 corner, a inside linebacker and another safety early in the draft.

Obviously Jackson can sign anywhere and the Browns could decide not to pursue him but what a offense he could help create right away. How much would you be okay spending on him? Do you want him on the team at all?

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  • Dustin Schimmoeller

    As much as I love Jacksons game and would like to see Jackson playing for the Browns, I just don’t think he is worth the risk. I mean you have Gordon who already needs a baby sitter, the addition of Jackson could push him over the edge in diva behavoir. Plus you would be bringing him into a locker room with yes a few good vets but your still have an extremly young team with a rookie head coach. You also have a OC just coming off a drama filled season in Washington. Can he handle going through one again? I think at this time you have to pass. Jackson is a perfect fit for New England. I could also see the panthers making a big push for him.

    • Jared Mueller

      I agree with all our statements. At some point we need to add talent, and I am biased that it gives us the opportunity to not HAVE to draft a WR early in the draft. Not that I don’t like the WRs I just like having options. If we could sign/trade for a #2 CB I would love that too, take that off the list of “needs”. Not sure he would fit with Brady’s work ethic and Panthers don’t have the money sadly. Whether Andy Reid makes a play for him will be a telling sign.

      • Dustin Schimmoeller

        Maybe they could call Joe Banner or Heckert and see their thougths on Jackson since the drafted and worked with him lol. I mean I’m not totally opposed to him, If it was strictly football play alone it would be a no brainer. But there would have to be alot homework done on him first. For sure the Browns need an upgrade at WR#2 postions unless Little grew hands over the off season which I highly doubt. This years wide out class is extremly deep so there is alot of options there even if they don’t go Watkins at #4 which I would like. There are a few starter level WR still out there. What better place for him then with Brady. He made it work with Moss. Only thing is with the Jackson gang relations rumors not sure if belichick will stick has neck out again after coming off the Hernandez ordeal. Yea not sure of Panters cap situation, just know they have zero wide outs and Jackson reminds me alot of Steve Smith. Yes, it will be very telling if Andy Reid goes after him, also pretty telling Kelly cut him too.