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Offense Oriented Cleveland Browns 2 Round Mock Draft


The NFL Draft is a month away and Mock Drafts, rumors and “reports” will be flying hot and heavy between now and then. We will continue to share those with you, either ones that are valid or ones that are interesting. We covered CBS Sports’ Duo who put out their 2 Round Mock Drafts earlier this week. Today we cover Optimum Scouting and his 2 Round Mock Draft.

For many readers and commentors this Mock will get you excited as it is very offensive, make that very offense oriented. No defensive linemen, no defensive backs and no linebackers. Without out more further ado here is his 2 Round Mock Draft for the Browns:

4. Cleveland Browns – Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
Cleveland doesn’t have a strong receiver, outside linebacker or offensive tackle need, so the value of this pick for them (if they pass on a quarterback) is low. I wouldn’t rule out them reaching for a quarterback (Derek Carr?) or taking a receiver like Mike Evans, but I’ll say they opt for the best player available in Greg Robinson.

  • Whoops I guess not everyone will be happy because the offensive lineman was the first player drafted. As he notes receiver, OLB and OT are not high needs, though they do need a receiver just not strongly. Instead of “reaching” on a QB Galko smartly goes with the best player available. On his board that is Robinson, on the Browns board that could be Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack or Evans.

26. Cleveland Browns (via IND) – Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
Sticking with my past projections, I just don’t know exactly where Manziel fits in this first round, and he may very well slip out of the first 32 picks. But if Derek Carr isn’t available here, I think new head coach Mike Pettine targets an athletic quarterback who can make plays on his own, so he can focus more on the defense throughout the draft.

  • And more unhappy people because the Browns pick one of the Top 3 QBs and the one many fans do not want. He fits well with the Kyle Shanahan play action pass, roll out system. It is funny he notes that then Pettine “can focus more on the defense throughout the draft” and then makes this selection at #35:

35. Cleveland – Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

  • Talk about an offensive overhaul in a very quick amount of time. The Browns solidify their line, get a QB to develop for a year and then pick up a #2 receiver, that though short is not small and can play all over the field. Cooks speed is well known but his hands and route running are superb. Some mistake that he played for the high powered Oregon Ducks program but actually went to Oregon State. Cooks can take the top off the defense and has been compared to DeSean Jackson by some. Allen Robinson, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, Davonte Adams, Cody Latimer and Brandon Coleman were all drafted after Cooks in the second round.

So Galko’s Mock changed the face of the Browns offense. They have players in every needed position to succeed and can either supplement that with their remaining 7 picks, hopefully moving up with a couple, or focus on Pettine type guys for their defense.

The best offensive tackle, the highest upside QB and a dynamic WR, what else could you want from the first 3 picks in the Browns draft?

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