Draft Day is here: But should we care? Reviewing Hollywood's Mock

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Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Actress Jennifer Garner center and Actors Kevin Costner and Denis Leary during a news conference about the movie


Draft Day starring Kevin Costner comes out tomorrow and finally the Browns’ are in a starring role. Too bad it’s in typical Browns’ fashion. It’s clear the studio was trying to make a quick buck on the excitement that the real draft day brings. With next year’s mocks starting the day after draft day, it’s becoming more and more a giant bonanza. The combine is over analyzed to the point where we judge a player’s character on why he failed his 3rd grade spelling test and whether he wears boxers or briefs. The draft has annoyingly been spread out over 3 days and now Hollywood wants to cash in. Why? Because we need to squeeze every last dollar out of these kids before they starting getting paid for the things we’ve been making millions of dollars off the past 4 years. That said, I’m going to take a look at the film in two ways. From a sports take and as a film take.

Sports Fan
Pros: I think the film’s best attributes is honestly displaying the behind the scenes of the draft. It shows the pressure of the GM (Costner) trying build the team he planned his way when everyone else is trying to have their input. From the owner (an excellent Frank Langella, you may know him as Nixon from Frost/Nixon) trying to make a splash to sell tickets, to the coach wanting his scheme fit (Denis Leary in typical hot mannered, comical Denis Leary fashion), the fans (I feel the Brady Quinn pick is still on them. Sorry Ex-girlfriend who I broke up with during my depressed Brady Quinn Pick outburst of pounding a bottle of Captain Morgan), the current players (or maybe not current players. Real cool Alex Mack, stay for your 5 seconds of fame in a Hollywood film then bolt off to join the free beer Jaguars) who don’t want that replacement being viewed in the prospects, the 92.3 sports talks show hosts, and the special bond created by the GM and prospects after spending this entire process with. I can’t speak for the honesty of this aspect but I can believe it. These kids are extremely vulnerable as they’re lined up for the dog show that is the combine, getting their teeth checked, jumping through hoops, going through character sessions and many more. With their future in the GM’s hands and them wanting to feel accepted in the form of a draft pick. And as a GM I can understand how you would grow attached to them from their stories of hard-upcomings, stupid mistakes that just want to be shed, or just their personalities. The film’s best quality is showing the human side of draft day. It breaks it down from just numbers to human emotions being judged. As GM you feel you’ve earned the right to call the shots but it’ impossible to make the owner, the coach, the fans and the players all happy (well that is unless you’re a Hollywood movie and you can bend all rules of realism to the point where it should be classified as Sci-Fi). Draft Day is your biggest day to shine, but unfortunately like that big project you and your team have been waiting to give, the boss comes in and starts telling you how things are to go. The emotions for everyone and behind the scenes display is what made this film bearable and intriguing. Worth a watch for that aspect.

Cons: Completely unrealistic. The only way anything plays out like this is in Madden when the CPU has no say-so over the trades they’re accepting. MINOR SPOILER ALERT (It plays out in the first 5-10 minutes). Apparently the best QB to ever come out, is available in the draft. The Seahawks have the number one pick, yet no one seems to want to trade up and get him…well that is except for the one team desperate enough to…DA BROWNS. No ONE! RG3 got like 3 #1s plus! And teams were lining up to give away their full draft for Andrew Luck, yet in this scenario no one but the Browns wants the BEST quarterback ever. It only goes down-hill from there as you see the trades go into un-realistic fashion. It ruins the enjoyment you could have had from the film.

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