Dec 16, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack (55) during a game against the Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Washington won 38-21. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Reports: Cleveland Browns to Match Offer for Alex Mack


According to Adam Schefter the Cleveland Browns will quickly match the Jacksonville Jaguars offer for Alex Mack.

That means the Browns will be on the hook for the same contract negotiated between the Jags and Mack. Initial reports are that the Browns will owe Mack 18 million over 2 years and 26 million over 3 guaranteed. Mack will have the ability to opt out of the contract after 2 years and not be franchised tag.

Mack will be 30 years old when he has to make this decision. At that point Mack will have a big decision to make. Will the Browns be good yet? Will he still be on top of his game? Will he have the chance to any contract similar to the one he would be opting out of?

The Browns now have the knowledge to make decisions for their future. Mack could be gone in 2 years or could be around much longer. The Browns could draft a lineman who can play center as well as guard. In our Weekly 7 Round Mock Draft we had the Browns taking a center in the mid-rounds.

The Browns will have tough decisions to make regarding extensions for Joe Haden, Josh Gordon, Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor, Brian Hoyer and others. Mack’s contract could impact some of those decisions. Will Haden and Gordon demand much higher deals then Mack’s? Will they have the cap space to get them all signed?

What do you think about the Browns matching?

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  • Richard Ciesielski

    I think that the biggest adjustment is going to actually have a good player who’s still good stay. As a Cleveland fan I just hope they still go after Watkins first with the fourth pick (or trade up to get him). I read where Detroit is saying we’re going to get Manziel first, and I think that would be a mistake in a draft where the quarterback talent is deep. Both have talent but now if Mack stays our O lines going to be amped, that being said give our QB’s play makers. Whens the last time in your lifetime you could think of Cleveland really having more then one truely gifted reciever who wasn’t past their prime ? Sorry, even last year to me don’t count, Josh came off a supsension, even after he started playing Jasons game seemed to stall, and Bess and Little didn’t really seem to me like they had game. Also food for thought, if Gorden got hurt (or suspended again) then what ? Give me Gorden on one side and Sammy on the other and a back on the field in motion and all the sudden teams are really going to scramble if they face the Browns. Who knows, I could see 10 and 6 even with a QB like Hoyer or Carr (26th pick), or even Manziel ( if he’s still there at 26th).