Two More Weekly CBS Sports NFL Mock Drafts

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Dec 7, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback Bradley Roby (1) celebrates wafter intercepting a pass during the third quarter of the 2013 Big 10 Championship game against the Michigan State Spartans at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

T-minus 26 days and counting till the NFL Draft and NFL Mock Drafts are in full swing. Our 7 Rounder for the Cleveland Browns will be out later this afternoon but we continue to give you coverage of some of our favorite writers from around the web. Last night we shared with you Insider information from Todd McShay’s NFL Mock Draft 4.0 and this morning we gave you our thoughts on Don Banks’ version 3.0. Now we give you Two more weekly CBS Sports NFL Mock Drafts, you can take a look at the other 2 guys (who do a full 2 rounds instead of just one) by clicking here. Now lets take a look at the other two:

Will Brinson


Blake Bortles, QB, UCF: With Watkins off the board and the Texans letting Bortles off the top spot, Cleveland strikes early to solve their quarterback problem. Having Brian Hoyer as a potential bridge if Bortles isn’t ready to go immediately is a big plus.
  • Is Bortles starting to lose a little love from Mockers? Here again he falls past the Texans and the Jags right into the Browns lap. While many may not love Bortles now, Brinson makes a great point about Hoyer’s availability and play being a huge plus for the Browns to make this pick. No matter who the Browns draft Hoyer is a big help that the Browns won’t have to force a rookie to play with high pressure right away. Could Hoyer be the Jon Kitna to Bortles Carson Palmer?

Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State: This might no be high enough for Roby when all is said and done. He’s crazy talented but has some red flags to overcome. For the Browns, they got their quarterback and now have a guy to pair across from Joe Haden. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a local product either. Goodwill for the fans and whatnot.
  • Generally speaking a pick of an Ohio State Buckeye by the Browns is a huge fan favorite but maybe not so with Roby who fans watched struggle all year. It is possible that Roby’s rough start contributed to a bad season or could his athletic ability be overhyped and get him drafted earlier then his actual play would allow? Either way getting a #2 corner has to be a priority for the Browns this draft and Roby is one of the most athletic ones and could be coached up in the Mike Pettine system. Lets see what Brinson’s partner in crime Pete Prisco has to say on the next page:
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