Fox Sports Ohio NFL Mock Draft 7.0

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Nov 29, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Bulls linebacker Khalil Mack (46) against the Bowling Green Falcons at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

We have faltered in our coverage of appropriate national and local NFL Mock Draft published. We failed to cover the quality work done over at Fox Sports Ohio. We remedy that today with coverage of their NFL Mock Draft 7.0. Earlier today we heard Mark Dominik, the former Tampa Bay GM, on ESPN Radio. He reported that over the next 3 weeks he would not only be talking to his head scouts but also going over Mock Drafts to get an idea where players might be. He said this led him to trade up for Doug Martin, fearing he would be selected late in the 1st or before the Bucs picked in the second. So these Mock drafts can be powerful. Lets take a look at FSO’s 1st round, plus the Browns 2nd round pick:

4. BROWNS–KHALIL MACK, LB, BUFFALO–We’ve had WR Sammy Watkins going to the Browns the first six weeks, but this week he is off the board to the Rams. If Browns stick to the ‘best available player,’ we are guessing it would be a pick Mike Pettine would love in Mack, even though it’s a position where the Browns have depth already.

With Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel and Sammy Watkins off the board the Browns could be stuck with a very interesting decision. Go with a QB in Blake Bortles or Teddy Bridgewater, solidify their offensive line with Greg Robinson, get the WR rate second by most in Mike Evans or go defense with Mack. FSO thinks the Browns would go with the playmaker Mack. It is possible that a team like the Falcons could trade up for Mack here and give the Browns more ammunition in this deep deep draft. Mack could play outside, slide inside and play all over the field for Pettine who would have the toys to make his defense purr just a little louder.

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  • paulbip

    I can’t argue with your picks. As I stated in your other article, Browns linebacking sucks with converted DE’s, second stringers, undrafted FA’s on the roster. Last year I said that the OL sucked when everybody was saying it was a strength of the team. I said to draft one of the two stud guards in the draft but Lombardi went with a special teams player at #6 that’s an one trick poney. A QB at 26 is probably a must unless you only want a backup for Hoyer. My favorite is Garoppolo but who knows? Word is that Bridgewater can’t grip the pro ball and his workouts are not going well. All the other QB’s appear to crumble under pressure and could end up like all the other Browns QB,s. Verrett would be a good pick at 35 and fill a big hole, but I think Yankee would be of higher value being that he’s smart and could play any position on the OL. He would be like having two lineman. I also placed Hyde here as a possible pick but the Browns will probably go for a bigger need. Everythings centers on the #4 pick. That pick will change the next 2 rounds.

    • Jarod Cook

      I don’t see them drafting Mack at #4, and here’s my reasoning. Last year they picked Mingo early and signed Kruger in FA. Then this year released DQJ and signed Dansby, and also have a high pick invested in Sheard. No way do they invest another high pick on a LB when so many assets are already invested there. The Browns defense was good last year, just spent to much time on the field and would get tired out. So they should focus on the offense early in the draft. and wait till the middle rounds to add depth and look for play makers on defense.

      Personally I believe they’re going to draft 1 of the stud OT’s at #4, and finally try to improve the OL. I agree with you on the OL, and said the same things going into last season. If they draft Robinson or Matthews at #4, and move Schwartz into RG, I think they’ll have a pretty solid right side of the OL. I also believe they’ve got a hidden gem in Chris Faulk who they signed as undrated FA last year. Going into his senior year he blew out his knee in the first game, but was projected as an early pick and he sat out all last year while recovering. He should have a chip on his shoulder, and be out to try and prove people wrong. If he performers up to his potential he’ll make a fine addition to the OL, and they could start him at LG.

      I also agree with you and think they should wait till #26/#35 to pick a QB. IMO the QB’s are going to drop like they did in last years draft, maybe only one or two will be off the board by the time the Browns pick again. I also like Garoppolo, and since they plan on sitting who ever they draft and he needs the year to adjust anyways he should benefit from the experience.

      I’d rather see them take a WR at #26/#35 then a CB. There are plenty of 6′ or taller CB’s slated to go in the 3rd round, so wait till then to grab a CB. Verses the top WR’s will be off the board by the time the Browns pick in the 3rd. Taking a big body WR like Allen Robinson, Jordan Matthews, Donte Moncrief, or Martavis Bryant, who all fit the same mold and play style as Gordon would be a more quality pick IMO.

      • paulbip

        I think Robinson or Matthews would be fine at 4. One WR that’s flying up the board is Latimer from Ind. Jared liked Verrett for CB, but I would take Fuller instead. Verrett is very short. All of these QB’s scare me at 4. I still think that Hoyer has that “it” factor.

        • Jarod Cook

          I think Hoyer deserves a chance, but I’m not total sold on him as the future QB. He had up and down games in his small sample size last year. But he does need some competition, to help bring the best out of him. Taking a QB early can only help to provide competition and have a backup in place, in case he goes down from another injury or if he just doesn’t work out.
          I agree with you on the short CB’s I’m not a fan taking another one so early in the draft. I don’t care if they can play bigger then they are, cause they’ll always lose out when it comes to a jump ball. We say how Skrine was abused in coverage on a weekly bases, so why would they knowingly draft a player just like him.