My 33 Thoughts on the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers won 33 games this year, a season in which 38 games got you a playoff seed in the East. A season where the Cavs stated goal was to make the playoffs. A season where the biggest free agent ever, we thought, Andrew Bynum signed with the team. A season with the #1 overall pick. A season with additions of Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark. A season with the return of Mike Brown. Today I give you my 33 thoughts, 1 for each of the 33 wins, in no particular order, for the Cavaliers:

  1. I like Kyrie Irving.
  2. I love Dion Waiters.
  3. I like Tristan Thompson.
  4. I love Anthony Bennett‘s potential.
  5. I love the talent/skill level of the Cavs players.
  6. I hate the athleticism (outside Waiters/Bennett) and toughness of the team (outside of Dion/Delly).
  7. I think that Dion and Kyrie can co-exist, quite peacefully and good/great.
  8. I think Kyrie is dealing with something in his personal life (I’m a counselor professionally and thought this all season.)
  9. I think Mike Brown will be back and given 1 more year to change the culture and system of the team.
  10. I think Dan Gilbert cares about the success of the team, maybe more then any other Cleveland owner.
  11. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.
  12. I think who the GM is matters less then what they do. (Phil Jackson/Pat Riley type isn’t walking through that door.)
  13. I don’t think Spencer Hawes is worth all that much money.
  14. I think the Cavs have shooting with Irving, Waiters, Bennett and Tyler Zeller at 4 of the 5 positions.
  15. I hope Sergey Karasev gets playing time next year, a shooter as well at the 2 or 3 position.
  16. Anderson Varejao‘s run with the Cavs is probably over and that saddens me.
  17. Andy didn’t get to play meaningful games for 3 years and the Cavs never got anything for him, yet.
  18. I think the Cavs will sign a small forward with some name value.
  19. If I was a small forward I would want to sign with the Cavs.
  20. I think the Cavs will trade for a big guy.
  21. I am not sure Kevin Love answers the athletic/grit need for the team.
  22. I know Love is awesome but very costly.
  23. I think the Cavs struggled to find consistency in roles until late in the season.
  24. I think David Griffin did a fine job taking over as GM but was given too much credit.
  25. I think LeBron James should want to join the youth/talent of this team over the age of the Heat.
  26. I have no clue if he will or not.
  27. I think the Cavs should draft Rodney Hood if they don’t get a top 3 pick and if they keep the pick.
  28. I think the Cavs should trade for Larry Sanders, even with his big contract.
  29. If not Sanders, I think the Cavs should trade for a shot blocker type.
  30. I think the Cavs should sign James, Gordon Hayward, Trevor Ariza or Danny Granger, in that order.
  31. I think the Cavs will give the fans hope going into next season.
  32. I think the Cavs will easily make the playoffs next year.
  33. I know I will be following along closely.

Any thoughts on my thoughts? What are some of your thoughts?

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