Jul 30, 2012; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren (right) talks with head coach Pat Shurmur during training camp at the Cleveland Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Holmgren Wanted To Coach Cleveland Browns

Former Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren stressed to Monday Morning Quarterback.com’s Peter King that he “really should have coached the team (Cleveland Browns),”. He stated that Browns former owner, Randy Lerner did not want him to. He also felt as though he would be shortchanging the organization if he had taken the head coaching job for the struggling franchise. This desire came after the termination of former Browns head coach, Eric Mangini and just before the hiring of  another former head coach, Pat Shurmur in 2011.

Although Holmgren had a desire to coach this team, his stint as president did not work out so will. Ever since the former Seattle Seahawks coach had taken the job in 2010, he made it known that his main objective was to find Cleveland their franchise quarterback. Here we are four years later, and still without a franchise quarterback. I’m sorry Browns fans, but Brian Hoyer has not really had the chance to prove himself a franchise quarterback. Needless to say, during Holmgren’s stint, he was unsuccessful at finding the city a savior with the mental capacity and accuracy of a franchise quarterback.

Holmgren’s decision were not very good ones. One of his most known failures was wasting the 2012 first round draft pick on Brandon Weeden. He also signed Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace and drafted Colt McCoy. By that time, a lot of people had lost faith in Holmgren who had gone 161-111 as a head coach in both Green Bay and Seattle.

When billionaire businessman,  Jimmy Haslam purchased the Cleveland Browns from Randy Lerner for a billion dollars in 2012, Holmgren was expected to resign which he did.

Under Holmgren, the Browns had gone 14-34.

Maybe he would have made a great coach and gotten Cleveland in the playoffs.If he was given the chance, I imagine that no one would really pay attention to what he had to say about drafting players. He would have already proven that he isn’t so good at that.

Holmgren, if given the chance to coach would have tried his best to do right by the organization, but fail to deliver. All vision and no common sense. What would have happened if Holmgren did coach the Cleveland Browns? Would he still be the coach today? Would he be successful in finally pushing this team in the right direction by finding a franchise quarterback? Would he have failed as a coach just as he had failed at being the president? Would he have brought the city much success like he did in Green Bay with Bret Favre?

The mind has to wonder….



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