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NFL.com's Charles Davis Mock Draft 5.0


We have hit a few Mock Draft’s today and now we get to look at NFL.com’s own Charles Davis and his Mock Draft 5.0. It is an interesting relationship between the NFL and its website. It has analysts and workers who are not under the pressure to push the corporate agenda directly, but still have to answer to the league at some level. Could make for a very difficult pressure packed job, but a rewarding one in more ways then one. Now on to how Davis has the Browns reshaping their team in the First Round of the NFL Draft:

    Expect the Browns to address QB need later, adding a passer to throw to this dynamic star from Clemson.

A bold assumption by Davis that the Browns could add a passer later, as if QBs grow on trees. Watkins is the dynamic star that many Browns fans want, even though most top 10 WRs haven’t led their teams to many, if any, playoff wins. Think of A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones. Yet the Browns are in a unique position because they also have Josh Gordon so Watkins wouldn’t have to carry the load as the #1 guy. Maybe it would be different with the Browns, maybe not.

    QB is the pick now, and Bridgewater is eager to prove he should have been the first QB off the board.

What will be different, whether it is at 4, 26 or their last pick of the draft, is if the Browns finally hit on their QB. Getting the falling QB didn’t work with Brady Quinn but Bridgewater’s accuracy, maturity and intelligence sets him apart from the Notre Dame hyped up Quinn. Bridgewater has his flaws but played with less then stellar talent at Louisville and still was able to shine and carry his team. Is he worth the #4 pick? Many think he is not, while others would take him at #1. The Browns get a chance in Davis’ draft to find out what the truth is, after Teddy develops for a year or two.

A draft you have started to see over and over again, yet are you satisfied or has the media driven Bridgewater’s value down in your mind as well?

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