Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (L) and Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (R) look on during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Choose a Set: Draft Priorities Lead to Three Option Sets for Browns


A report yesterday from Matt Miller, check out our write up here, was that the Cleveland Browns have set their top 3 priorities for the NFL Draft. Quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback were listed as the needs the team sees and wants to address with their top 3 picks if possible. We don’t believe that Ray Farmer will force picks but do think he will look to fill those needs as possible. So we did 3 different 2 round mock draft simulations for the Browns, trying to fill each need with the top pick. Now it is your turn to pick which of the 3 sets you like the best:

#1: QB First

#4 – Johnny Manziel     #26 – Darqueze Dennard     #35 – Allen Robinson

#2: WR First

#4 – Sammy Watkins     #26 – Darqueze Dennard     #35 – Jimmy Garoppolo

#3: Defender First

#4 – Khalil Mack/Justin Gilbert     #26 – Derek Carr     #35 – Marqise Lee

For the last one we don’t see Gilbert as a Top 5 pick, to fill the Browns reported desire at corner, so we also added in Mack as a defender that could be taken with the Browns first pick but noting Gilbert as the top rated corner if one was taken at #4 it would be him.

We selected the highest rated players at their positions. With the #2 option we could of selected Carr at #26 and taken another corner at #35 but Dennard was much higher rated. Lee could replace Robinson in scenario #1, and vice versa in scenario #2.

For now let us assume that the team wants to draft those 3 positions, which order/set do you like the best? Based on our history of feedback we assume many will choose #2. That will beg the question how far is the gap between Robinson and Watkins, and how far is the gap between Manziel and Jimmy G.? If the receivers are closer to each other then the QBs wouldn’t it make sense to go with the QB first? Depends on how each is rated to you.

Which do you prefer as of today? How likely is that to change?

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  • Todd Limpert

    I like # 2 picks i dont believe Manziel is worth the 4 th over all pick

    • Jared Mueller

      What pick is he worth to you? Just getting an idea.

      • Dustin Schimmoeller

        He is worth the risk at #26

        • Dustin Schimmoeller

          I’d be very happy if option #2 happened.

    • Todd Limpert

      Im not a big Manziel fan if he slid i would take him at 35 but i would take Jimmy G at 26th

  • Jarod Cook

    If these are the options I’d go with #2. But I think you should of had a 4th option where they take ether OT Robinson/Matthews at #4, then QB/WR combo at #26/#35.
    To answer some of your questions, I don’t think any of these QB’s are top 10 quality and will most likely fall come draft day. As for Watkins at #4 I’m not that big on the idea. If had the same size and build of Gordon, Megatron, Green, or Jones then I’d say go ahead and draft him at #4. And with such a deep draft at the WR position the can wait till #26/#35 a still get a WR who has the potential to be a #1/#2 receiver. As for taking a defender at #4, unless Clowney some how magical falls he’s the only defender worth the pick. Mack and Gilbert a fringe top 10 talent IMO, and all the real talent of this draft is on the offensive side early.

    • Jared Mueller

      The only reason I didn’t put in the 4th option is this article is based on the Matt Miller report that they want to address QB/WR/CB in the first 3 picks. Not saying the only will draft those but wanted to show the options available for those 3 areas with our 3 picks.

      • Jarod Cook

        I kinda just scanned over and missed the point about how the article is based on a report from Miller. I still say option 2 lands the most quality of players. Watkins is another weapon to add to the mix and will be deadly paired with Gordon and Cameron. It would be nice if Dennard some how fell to #26, but I don’t really see it happening. And I happen to like Garoppolo the most, out of this class of QB’s.

  • Gary

    I wouldn’t pick Manziel at any pick.
    I just don’t think he is the best quarterback out there and don’t see him as a good fit for this team.

    • Jared Mueller

      Many see him as a good fit for Shanahan’s roll out system. Not everyone has to agree though.

      • Gary

        That is true. I saw him play in quite a few games in College and just aren’t sold on him.
        Really doesn’t matter what we think, only what the Browns think.

  • Josh Hart

    Give me #1 but replace Manziel with Bridgewater and I’d be doing backflips.