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There are many ways for a NFL Mock Draft to be put together. The first is what you think will happen. Others are based on hopes and wishes. The third is a clear demarcated statement of “this is what I would do” and that is what Todd McShay brings to us this morning (Insider, Costs $). His normal Mock Drafts are what he is hearing around the league and what they might do. Lets take a look at what options he has available to the Browns and what he would do if he were Ray Farmer, and the rest of the GMs in the league:

4. Cleveland Browns: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

I’m beginning to sound like I’m on repeat here, but the Browns are another team that needs a quarterback that I have waiting until later to draft one, because I can’t justify using a top-four pick on any of this year’s QBs. Cleveland needs an upgrade at the No. 2 receiver spot opposite Josh Gordon, and if Watkins reaches his potential, the Browns will essentially have two No. 1s. He is an explosive and dynamic weapon both as a vertical route runner and after the catch, and he attacks the ball in the air, playing bigger than his size. He’ll have some learning to do as a route runner, but he already knows how to separate from coverage.

With Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson and Khalil Mack off the board, pretty standard at this point, McShay would add Watkins to the Browns. He only notes one negative, learning as a route runner, but his size could be a concern with his injury history. None the less McShay has the Browns choosing the amazing receiver to build the core of the offense from the outside instead of taking one of the QBs.

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  • TheSportologist

    I’m fine with this as long as it’s Watkins at 4 I’m hoping we have a decent QB pick at 26 wouldn’t mind them even picking in 2nd Round

    • Jared Mueller

      What if its Watkins but there are no “decent” QBs at 26 or 35? Rather have that or Any of the 3 QBs up top and Allen Robinson/Brandin Cooks/etc at 26 or 35?

      • Josh Hart


      • TheSportologist

        There will… These quarterbacks are so overhyped it’s crazy

  • Letterman007

    I like what I see, if the quarterbacks start flying off the board, then they can trade up a little to get one from #26 !! But you have to take the impact player at #4. You need it to build with and Watkins is also a need pick as they would have to get a wide out somewhere in this draft! Whether it be Watkins or Evans, it would be a good pick!!