Nov 20, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman reacts during the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Top 3 Worst Coaches In Cavaliers History

Randy Wittman by far has to be one of the absolute worse coach in Cleveland Cavaliers history. Wittman who is now the head coach of the very impressive Washington Wizards, lost 102 games in his two year stint with the basketball club. When fired, former general manager, Jim Paxson informed Wittman that, the termination was necessary “to get us back in the right direction.” After Wittman’s final game with the team, he admitted that his future looked bleak. Wittman was not the only problem with the Cavaliers during his tenure. He had problems with getting Robert Traylor in shape (much like trying to get Anthony Bennett in shape), issues with Lamond Murray not having enough effort to play and even with the team not even having enough respect for Wittman. At the end of his tenure with the Cavaliers, Wittman had gone 62-102 and finished 40 games under .500 in his two year tenure.

Tom Nissalke who was named the NBA and ABA Coach of the Year had gone 53-113 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and was terminated immediately at the end of the season. Former Cavaliers general manager, Harry Weltman said that the team needed a change and had not improved and made much progress. Weltman and Nissalke oftentimes were at odds for Nissalke not giving younger players enough playing time. In a sense, it was as though the Cavaliers brass could not wait to get rid of Nissalke. Despite Nissalke leading the Cavaliers to their best record in four years, he was asked to resign by Weltman which he refused and was finally terminated. At a press conference, Weltman stated that, “While the team made progress last season, it was not as much as expected during the latter part of the year.” Nissalke also coached for the Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz and the ABA’s Stars (Utah Stars.)

Stan Albeck is probably the only coach in Cavaliers history to seek out another head coaching position before actually being fired or resigning from the team. Albeck announced that he was quitting the Cavaliers head coaching job so that he can coach for the San Antonio Spurs. “As far as I am concerned, I am the coach of the San Antonio Spurs ,” Albeck told the press. Albeck was 37-45 in his last season with the Northeast Ohio basketball club. The Cavaliers brass didn’t mind Albeck leaving, but they wanted to be compensated for the contract of Albeck. It was also no secret that some of the organization members and Albeck did not get along. Albeck said that he would not return to the Cavaliers as long as Ted Stepien was the team’s owner. Stepien did not like the idea that he had signed a three year contract with Albeck and then had it “crammed down” his throat. It was as though the organization was betrayed by the man that was supposed to lead them to winning seasons. Albeck finished his coaching record at 307-267. He has coached the New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls.

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