Kiper & McShay's 3 Round NFL Mock Draft

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Jan 1, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks wide receiver Bruce Ellington (23) makes a fourth-down catch in front of Wisconsin Badgers safety Dezmen Southward (12) in the third quarter as the South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Wisconsin Badgers 34-24 in the Capital One Bowl at Florida Citrus Bowl. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

You know you might be addicted to NFL Draft coverage when you DVR the ESPN Special where Mel Kiper and Todd McShay alternate picks for the first round of the draft. Following the completion of the TV show the two of them continued their alternating picks through the 3rd of the draft. That is found here via an ESPN Insider post (Costs $). Lets take a look at the 5 picks they gave to the Cleveland Browns:

4. Cleveland Browns

Kiper’s pick: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Analysis: I have five of the first 83 picks in this draft, seven in the first four rounds. I’m going to add talent, so I’m willing to place a big bet on a player with the potential to change the face of my franchise. And I do so knowing he doesn’t have to start immediately.

Kiper picked evens so he gets the first 2 picks for the Browns and starts with Manziel. During the show he used LeBron James’ thoughts on Manziel and the need for excitement in Cleveland as the reason to make the pick. McShay followed up saying that those are the worst reasons to make any selection. The Browns add a QB in a draft where no QBs have separated themselves so Manziel has his positives and negatives like Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater.

26. Cleveland Browns (from IND)

Kiper’s pick: Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

Analysis: The offense in Cleveland was plagued by the lack of a reliable second WR target behind Josh Gordon last season. Ellington is underrated. He’ll create space, make catches and create yardage after the catch.

Kiper again takes a smaller athlete, and skips over a number of other receivers that are mocked more often to the Browns. Reminder that these are picks that these two would make, not what they expect the teams to make. Ellington is more of a slot receiver then an outside guy. Kiper and McShay are very high on receivers and had a record number, 9, taken in the first round. Ellington would add to the pile but would be unsatisfying for a team in need of another bigger outside receiver.

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  • Jarod Cook

    All 5 of these picks are garbage, none of these players deserve to be drafted at those picks. Kiper and McShay must hate the Browns, and want them to continue being the laughing stock of the league. They minds well plan on picking in the top 5 again next year if they take these players. The only pick I kinda see value in is maybe Sankey at #71, but they already have a pretty deep backfield. Would rather see them double up an CB or WR at this point, instead of taking a RB.

    • Mike Kirkner

      For arguments sake – what would have your picks been in first 3 rounds?

      • Jarod Cook

        Here’s my draft board, it reads in the order I’d pick them.
        #4 WR Evens, Watkins/OT Matthews, Robinson/No QB they aren’t worthy of pick
        #26 BA QB/LB Shazier/WR Robinson, Matthews, Lee, Moncrief/BA CB
        #35 Same order as 26
        #71 BA OL/CB Roby(If available), McGill, Desir, SJB /ILB Boreland or Skov
        #83 same order as 71
        #106 FS Bailey or Reynolds/BA RB
        #127 WR Jeff Janis
        Rounds 5-7 BA and add depth

        • Letterman007

          Curiously you don’t name a quarterback in any of these picks!? Wide outs, tackles’ guards, linebackers, corners, but no QBs! You don’t have one you like or don’t want one period!!

          • Jarod Cook

            I don’t really have one I like over the other. But if I had to order them it would be Bortles, Bridgewater, Mettenberger, Garopollo, Manziel, Carr and then the rest. I really don’t see much of a difference talent wise in the top tier, and second tier talent at QB this year. All have flaws and more or less need to be put in the right system to actual excel, some more so then others.

          • Letterman007

            I think the Browns will have their QB by #35, but I suspect it will be at #26. Which one is up in the air? Evidently Farmer has one he likes above the rest and it wouldn’t surprise me it could be a second tier quarterback! I fully expect them to draft one in the later rounds also or get one undrafted !!

    • Jared Mueller

      I actually like all the picks besides Ellington. I would of drafted an OLineman before the RB but the order isn’t that big of a deal. Roby is fine as a second rounder. We will pick an RB and it will most likely be in the 3rd or 4th round. I would put odds of the Browns drafting a QB at 4 above 60% at this point so we might want to get ready for that.

      • Jarod Cook

        IMO Roby is a a late 2nd/early 3rd round pick. OSU mostly played deep zone and not to much man coverage while he was there. He does have speed and is a good open field tackler, but he leaves to much space to catch the ball and bites on fakes and double moves to often. There was several games last year where he was embarrassed by sub par talent. As for taking a QB at #4 I hope it’s all smoke and mirrors, none of these QB’s deserve to be picked there. But if they do I hope it’s Bortles and not Manziel or Bridgewater. He seems to have a little less question marks surrounding him, and will be able to stand up to the more physical play in the AFC North.

  • Josh Hart

    Did I read that right? Ellington at 26!? What the heck? He’s a decent WR, but isn’t close to being worth a 1st round pick.

    • Jared Mueller

      Yeah not a big fan of that pick at all. We for sure don’t need another guy who is more of a slot guy, unless it is in the middle rounds.

  • paulbip

    Roby will be this years mingo. Lots of tools but little production.