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Could the Cleveland Browns Trade Up For 3 First Round Picks?


The NFL Draft week is upon us. This writer will arrive in New York City Wednesday midday to begin coverage and social analysis of the entire event. Expect a high amount of information, mock drafts and rumors between then and now, especially with our Cleveland Browns. A big one hit this morning in Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback article:

No. 26, Cleveland. Time to get a quarterback, right? Not so fast. GM Ray Farmer has asked at least one team low in the round about trading back into the first round from Cleveland’s second-round slot. That leads me to think Cleveland wants to get ahead of Houston, another obvious quarterback hotspot, and get a passer with a third first-round pick. That leads me to …

That led him to discussion good reasons for the Seattle Seahawks to move back from 32 to 35 and pick up a later day pick. For the Browns, and their fanbase, adding another first round pick, with the extra year tacked on to the contract, while jumping over the Houston Texans, is really exciting. Whether that is to add a QB, as King suggests, or to make sure they get the player they want would mean the Browns could walk away from from the first round with a huge boon. A trade up from 35 wouldn’t cost the Browns much, maybe an extra 4th or a next year pick.

It seems clear that the Browns are targeting a QB at some point early in the draft. Could they benefit from QBs falling to the point that they get two high level players with their first 2 picks and then get a QB at the end of the first? Or could they choose to go QB at #4 knowing they can be aggressive with their other first rounder and their second rounder to move around to get the guy they want.

How would you feel about them moving up a little bit to get a 3rd first rounder?

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