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Browns Look To Make A Statement In NFL Draft

This year’s draft in particular will set the tone for the new regime in Cleveland, Ohio. After many years of bad luck in the NFL Draft, Browns head coach, Mike Pettine, general manager, Ray Farmer, and owner, Jimmy Haslam will look to change the losing culture that the team has had for so many years. By making the right moves that will benefit the team and organization this year and the years to come, the city will establish a winning culture that it so richly deserves.

During the off season, the Browns have made a statement that they are not going to continue being the laughingstock of the entire league. During the off season, they have added the likes of Karlos Dansby, Donte Whitner, Vince Young, and even Nate Burleson. It is very clear that they mean business.

On top of signing major players, and re-signing Alex Mack, Pettine and Farmer both plan to execute toughness in their players and drive competition. This will not be a team in which just anybody can start a game. No, not anymore. Pettine has made it known that his players will be graded hard on everything. Every single position will be open for competition. That means that even if the Browns do draft Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater, it does not mean that they will start next season. Brian Hoyer could win the job. Its all about competition.

You can’t blame Mike Pettine for not wanting to immediately start a rookie QB, not to say that he wont at all, but based on Browns history with QBs in the NFL Draft, he wants to shy away from it a bit. Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, etcetera. The Browns have started at least 19 QBs since coming back into the league in 1999. It is no secret that the Browns have squandered their draft picks in the previous years

However, like any other Cleveland Browns draft, the primary focus is to draft a QB. While it is not guaranteed that the Browns will draft a QB in the first round with the fourth pick, it is highly likely that one will be selected by the end of the draft. Most Mock Drafts claim that the Browns are going to select Johnny Manziel with the fourth pick such as CBS Sports and even Mel Kiper.

Although the Browns are infamous for setting up smokescreens, you can rest assured that the Browns will make a statement in this draft and it will be a great success. They were successful in their offseason free agent signings, and the NFL Draft will be no different.

This organization is looking to change everything and is well on its way to doing that. The fans, no doubt will be behind the team 100% as it always has in the past years. If everything goes smoothly and the right calls are made, you can expect a post season run.

The anticipation builds for 8 o’clock pm, live from Radio City!

Go Browns!

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